2015. június 13., szombat

Transfer picture to wood

Since many people asked me how to transfer the picture to the wood I decided to share this video in my blog so you can do it too on your own. :) One of my friends sent me this link a few months ago< i just was so busy with school I couldn't have time to try it out. After I did, i absolutely loved this tactic and intend to do many more of it. 

What we need: piece of wood, a picture printed in a simple paper, gloss gel brilliant, mod podge mat

I bought the gloss gel and mod podge in Michaels. The two of them were $20, but I believe you can get it for cheaper if you have some cupon for Michaels. If you go to their website there are always some coupon available to use. I didn't know it at that time. It last long. I made approximately 8 pictures and i didnt use 1/3 of  the mod podge. I used half of the gloss gel for the 8 pictures. 

I want to make one picture of each state/places I have been so far in America.

I got this from Home Depot, it was less than $ 2 and there are 3 pieces in there. I also got the wood from Home Depot. A piece of wood was  almost $ 5 dollar and i cut that in three pieces. They cut it for you, whatever size you want. 

By the time I move to the apartment and I need to decorate my room I want to be done with this project. :) 


I bought these because i love what it says. If I read it I may forget in a few days/weeks, but by seeing it every day in my room is more effective. It always reminds me to move on, build my dream  and dance in the rain... :)

Haha, i think it is so true :)

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  1. nagyon jo. koszi a reszletes leirast es a videot. ha lesz idom kiprobalom. szuper ajandek otlet!