2016. május 13., péntek

Flying to Budapest

Hello Guys,

I would have some time now to write a post while waiting at the airport in London for our connection to Budapest. The best thing of all that I am not alone. Eymard is coming home with me. Yeah. :) I am super excited to show some part of Hungary and Romania to him. In addition, we are super excited about finally introducing him to my family. We will stay a day in Budapest then heading home to Transylvania. After a week we go to Paris and Nice for a few days then staying in Budapest for three other days. We fly back to Dallas on the 31st. Our wedding is on the fourth of June. We ask God to help us to have a safe trip in Europe and also to get back safe to Dallas. Recently I am not that confident about flying....

Flying with your love is much more fun! It is the first time I had a companion on an international flight. Also, it is our first time flying together somewhere.

My school ended yesterday. It has been a very crazy and exhausted semester. I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed out many days but finally it is over and I have a long break. I couldn't wait for this moment. Working every day, having four classes and planning a wedding at the same time isn't easy to handle. When we started the wedding planning we had no idea what it will bring. Even dealing with the church was a headache lol. Since my family aren't able to come to the wedding we decided to go home to see them. It will be difficult to get married without my family but seeing them now and knowing we will do another reception with them next year helps me to accept the situation. 

After 2.5 years I maintained my 4.0 GPA, even now with all these things going on. It wasn't easy tho. :) I am trying to get some scholarship for the fall, it would be nice to go to school for free again. I applied for three scholarships and two of them selected me for the final round; however, they need to have an interview with me on some specific days in May. Since I am not in Dallas on the interview days, one of the committee isn't able to provide any alternate dates or not willing to do a phone interview. It made me upset since it is such a big deal that among 5 colleges I got to the final round and now I don't get a chance to talk to them. However, I am still hoping because on of the Scholarship Committee offered me a Skype interview. I will be in Nice, France that day, hope it will go really well. I want that scholarship so badly, especially knowing that our wedding will take most of our savings. So finger crossed for me please :)) The interview is on May 25th 7pm - local time in France. 

We have some engagement pictures. I share some of them with you. 

Well, I promise I wanted to upload a few of them, but it is super hard to choose :)

Words can't explain how happy I am with him, and how much I appreciate him and our relationship. I will be so proud to be a wife of such an amazing men. His family is so sweet to me as well. His father will walk me on the aisle in the church and his parents also bought my wedding dress. I was so emotional when I found out that they want to buy it for me. They always mention that they got another daughter.  It is just feels so good that I am part of another family. I believe we will have a beautiful life together. We already live in an apartmant together since end of March. It has been a very positive experience. I have to teach him how to be organized, but he is improving every day :) Our move in was a cathastrophe lol. When we got to the apartment two of the windows were broken completely. Not just cracked! We had no window at all! 2 days before the move in date we had a very bad hail. It damaged a lots of cars and broke many windows. I couldn't believe how big that hail was. My friends car windshield totally broke. In addition, we didn't hire movers, we decided to do everything by ourself. We went to bed at 5 am, we were carrying heavy stuff to the third floor all night. Well, we learned our lesson. Never again! Also, the carpet in one of the rooms was smelling so bad, it seemed like the previous owner kept some animals in it. After complaining about it to the office they were acting quickly and luckily they completly changed the whole carpet in the entire apartment. 

It was like that for 2 days. 

Now you may think we live in a bad situation lol. Now everything looks good. I wouldn't say super nice because our furnitures are not that modern, but hopefully towards end of the summer we will be able to change some of them. I don't want to buy too much furnitures because I am hoping that in 2 years or so we can move to a house.  I had days when I became a bit impatient about when we will be able to move to a house and I wanted to do it from next year but than I realized a house is just a building, home is a feeling. So, now I am enjoying a lot our little apartment.  :) (Not that little tho, We have two rooms, because Eymard needs an office, a study for me, living room and a kitchen)

The other day I received a mail from my nephew from Budapest. He was extremely sweet. He drawn a Hungarian, a Brazilian and an American flag. ( If I didn't mention before Eymard is originally from Brazil). I can't wait to teach him some more English words. 

Well, I think I am going to end this post now. Our flight will start boarding very soon. I promise that you don't have to wait long for some wedding pictures! I am worry a bit about if everything will match and so on but now whatever we decided prior stays that way. I am glad that I could go through all the details before the trip. 

Have a great day everyone!
<3 <3 <3

2016. január 7., csütörtök

Finally I am back :)

Hello everyone,

Here I am again from my lovely Dallas, Texas. However it is not always as lovely as I mention because we have often tornados here which always freaks me out. The last one was one day after Christmas. 12 miles away from my apartment complex. 8 people died many houses destroyed.

Anyway, let's do a little update here since I didn't write anything from August and I guess many of you are curious what is going on with me here....

First of all, I believe I mentioned that I moved together with my friends in a 3 bedrooms apartment that I absolutely lovely it. This way of living here in America is totally differ from an Au-Pair life. If now someone would tell me I have to leave with a family for 3 whole months I would die. LOL.... Really. It would be so so hard for me after all. But you know what I am still grateful for my Au-Pair year here because that step lead me towards all this that I have now in this city.

Probably there is not too much to love in Dallas but for me it means everything. This is the city in America where I had/have so much fun, happiness, sadness, crying and depressed days, relationship failure, adventure, success, homesick and where I found love for the second time haha :) Love, yes I totally fall in love with Eymard, the boy whom I barely liked a year ago. In a year we grow together and now every day that I don't spend with him is not a complete day. I am so lucky that I found a partner like him. He is so understanding, helpful, kind, polite and weird haha. He is my weird musician but I could totally accept his weirdness. He always calms me down which is awesome because i can get upset of things that I can't fix. A year ago I was just dreaming that one day I will meet with a men like him. I so much appreciate him and love him forever. For our one year anniversary I got a very special gift from him.... 

... an engagement ring :)

I knew he will do this step someday but i didn't know when. Back than I thought you need to date with someone for a few years before making such a decision but now my though about it is the opposite. For our anniversary we did something small, it was a road trip to San Antonio. We stayed there for a night.... 

Texas De Brazil - His favorite restaurant

We stopped by Lake Travis  in Austin on our way. I love the view from that restaurant. Every time we drive that way I want to have lunch/dinner there.

This is a very happy girl right there!!! :))

So I will become soon Dalma Furtado :) 

I still look at my ring a lot but in the first week I couldn't stop starring at it. 

After our engagement our lives got a bit crazy. We had to decide when we want to get married. We still debating on the date but at least we know that we want to do this in June. We are working on some paperwork now for the church wedding. Waiting on some document what my parish issued at home, my mom put it in mail since they need the original one. We will have the wedding in the same church where Eymard plays every Sunday and where we both went even before knowing each other. We have to do a preparation class, hopefully we can do it in the last weekend of January. 

We decided to not do a reception just a wedding and a dinner. It is so expensive to get a venue and do a big party. It doesn't worth it for us, especially because my family can't be here. But we will do a reception back home in Transylvania in 2017. That is the plan.

I already bough fly ticket to go home in May with Eymard. I am so excited to take him home. I am so curious how he will like my country. We will stay for four days in Hungary for a week in Romania and for 5 days we go to Paris and the French Riviera. That is going to be our honeymoon. Yes before the wedding lol. Hopefully just one or two weeks before the wedding.  When we get back we want to get married and after we want to apply for my temporary green card. 

There are so many things we need to do and I am already afraid how busy I will be when school starts in 2 weeks. Working 60 hours a week, being full time student is not easy. Now i have time every evening to cook something but when school starts i can forget about having time for cooking.
School goes well, I will graduate in the fall. I got three scholarships in the past year which was $5000 all together and it covered my fall semester and the upcoming spring semester. I am so grateful for that help. It meant a lot. 

In end of march I want to move together with Eymard, I ned to find someone to take over my room, otherwise I will end up to pay two rents for 3.5 months. 

Eymard's birthday is on the 24th of December so we celebrating everything together :)

I love his family :)

My mother-in-law to be :)

Take care everyone... I passed my bedtime here...... When I know dates and more details about our wedding day i will let you all know.

Hugs <3 <3 <3


2015. augusztus 20., csütörtök


I know i always promise i will post more frequently but somehow something always came up to not be able to do it......

Since my last post... I went to Toronto with the guys for Laith's wedding. We had ton's of fun. It was a different experience because i was traveling with three guys. I have never done this before, but I loved it. Guys are so easy-going. :) I will not post and write that much now, i just wanted to do a little update. 

We spent the month June-July with apartment finding mission. Finally we found a really nice one, wasn't the cheapest but our standard was a bit higher too. We didn't want to move in to a crappy place. If you want to have a look at the apartment, here is the link....

We got a three bedroom one with two bathroom. My roommates are Viki and Sara, two of my really good friends.  The move in date was August 15, however I couldn't move in yet, because I had to leave America for a while.

On July 18 (Saturday) I was driving home from Laith's place with Eymard when I had a car accident. Fortunately nobody got injured but I cracked my car kind a bad. I remember I was just sitting on the street and couldn't stop crying for a while.... After seeing my car I told to Eymard from the money I need to pay for the repair I could go home and spend some time with my family. I wanted to go home two weeks ago when my dad had his 60th years old party. All the family, relatives where there..... Eymard helped me to calm down, and I knew that the most important is that we all are alright, without any injury. Somehow I fall asleep, but of course I was upset....

...In the morning when i opened my eyes i checked my phone and I saw I got ton's of messages from my family..... Bad news..... My father got paralyzed and doctors were fighting for his life. The horror story started for me.... I climbed out from the bed somehow, sat on the floor if the the middle of the room, was shaking while i was trying to call my sister. I was crying so bad that couldn't even talk. Eymard woke up for all these noise and couldn't imagine what happened with me. I was totally out of my mind. I just couldn't stop crying.  On that Saturday night when I had the accident, he was sitting on a small bench with some neighbors and somehow he fall off and hit his neck. He injured his third spinal, more accurately his spinal marrow got injured. So on that Sunday morning Eymard took me home to change and went together to the same church we use to go. After the mass we bought a flight ticket home for the same day. I went home, throw some clothes to my bag and headed to the airport. My family kinda said that let's wait for a few days, let's wait for the surgery... but i just couldn't stay there.... i felt I have to come home......I couldn't just wait and take the risk to not be able to ever see my father alive again..... Doctors said he may not be able to talk or breath after the surgery.... When the surgery was I was waiting at the London Heathrow airport for connection. I was praying for hours to be able to talk to him again.....

Monday at midnight I got to Budapest. My sister and my nephew picked me up from the airport and we headed to Romania. The surgery was in a bigger Romanian city, Cluj Napoca. Luckily we have some relatives living there so we got some help with accommodation and they translated to us since our Romanian knowledge is very poor. 

The surgery went well, my father could talk and breath after that. However to see my father over there it was terrible. They didn't let us to see him for more than 30 minutes a day. I saw him suffering and i so wanted to help him....but I couldn't. Those days were so bad, everybody was crying a lot.

After a day traveling i was so exhausted that i went to sleep on the ground in the backyards of the hospital.... I know, I know it looks terrible but Romania is not the United States. The system in the hospitals are horrible....   We had to wait at least 3 hours, sometimes more until we could catch the doctor to ask things about my father condition. Literally we had to stand in front of a door for who knows how long.... we just hoped once the doctor will come out from that door and you can go and talk to him... Not to mention that most nurses in this hospital are so heartless. One day one of the nurse came to my mom, called her outside of the building and told her that she shaved my father's hair in a line to be able to make the surgery at his neck and we have to pay her the cost of the razor.  Of course you had to pay ten times more than the razor would cost. But that is not all. The other day a different nurse came to my mom doing and saying exactly the same. At that time we didn't even know if my father will stay alive and these nurses were coming for money. Who doesn't live in Romania doesn't know what is going on in the hospitals.... I know it is not good but couldn't imagine this. I was shocked. There are some exceptions of course and fortunately we could experience that too....  But most of the people who work there shouldn't.....  You have to put money in everybody's pocket if you want to ask something from them. For instance in Cluj Napoca my mom had to pay at first to a nurse than she went and told to the doctor that the patient's family want to talk to him.... But if you don't pay they don't really help. I assume the doctors don't know about this......

After a week we could transfer my father to an other hospital close to my village. We knew that transferring him can be dangerous. We were worried a lot. The hospital called us when they put my father to the hospital and the ambulance was about to leave. We left right away too. While driving, suddenly an ambulance appeared, it belong to that hospital.

We knew this is the ambulance which transfers my father. The ambulance was following us slowly without using sirens and flash lights so we kind a calm down that everything is alright until the ambulance stopped at a gas station parking lot. Because of the traffic we couldnt stop, we were driving towards to other hospital. It is around 4 hours driving.  We got so stressed, since my sister works in this industry and know a lot about illnesses she started to think about most likely my father couldnt breath, he needs help and that is why the ambulance had to stop. 20 minutes left and the ambulance still didn't catch up with us. We were more nervous. There is no other road or other way how to get to the other hospital at that point. Another 10 minutes left when the ambulance reached us but at this time it went very fast with all the lights and sirens. I can't even describe that moment when we had to pull over to let the ambulance go with my father. We all were crying so bed. That four hours  was  the most terrible drive/ride in my entire life. 

When we got to the hospital we figured out that my father is doing okay, the ambulance stopped to put gas but the gas station's electricity went out and they had to wait for 30 minutes. 

It has been 5 weeks already that he is in the hospital and i went every day there and stayed with him for 6 hours. I started to hate hospitals..... He got a very serious urine infection on top of everything.... The doctors didn't gave us any chance.... One day I felt we will be able to take him home and the other day I felt that we can't save him. My feeling are like a rollercoster; up and down. I became so inpatient and nervous. I was living every day with anxiety. I am living every day in fear, and I know it is horrible. 

In a week I need to fly back to Dallas. It is hard to leave everything behind but at the same time i need to get back to routine and try to recover emotionally. It is so much pain now. I don't like the person I became in the last five weeks.... I need to work on myself towards being a positive girl with many new dreams, goals.....

This pictures was taken 2 weeks before the accident.... I wish he could sit on that stair again.... Well, life is so unpredictable... That is why we need to live every day if it would be the last..... You never know what is your destiny.

I live at the end of the village. The other day were a very beautiful double rainbow.

Madarasi Hargita - I live under this mountain!