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Brief update about 2,5 months....

Hi everyone....

Well, it is going to be a long post..... I have to cover a lot of things. I didn't write anything about my life after Chicago trip. It is almost three months since we got back from our awesome trip. Some readers were trying to remember me to not forget the blog.... :) You were sweet. :) Thank you!

I would start with Raj..... if you don't remember to him, he was the Indian guy, who was not a typical Indian lol. When I got back to Chicago I decided that I don't want more than friendship, so I told him to stop dating. I already knew it is going to happen. Sometimes I feel excited for couple of days, maximum 3 weeks, but that is all. He was so nice with me, but I didn't feel  the connection or what I expect to feel. I am always waiting that something similar gonna happen with someone like 2 years ago when I started to date with Sasha.... But I never felt that excitement with anyone. I am not sure if it would be possible to feel that again toward somebody else.... Maybe I shouldn't think that I am in Wonderland..... and real love exists.... or I will find/experience it again...... But at the same time I don't want any relationship if I can't give my heart fully to someone... I don't want to be just with someone.... I can buy dinner or drink for myself lol.... I don't need a guy just to take me out.... I say that because some girls try to run into an other relationship, or I even know some girls who need to be taken out on dates and so on... I don't need that. I can have fun with my friends. I just need a guy who gives me love and I do the same... I would rather be single, than in a relationship where I am not 100 per cent happy. 

Just some random flower in our garden. 

During the summer one day Granny visited us.... The kids call her Mimi. I wonder why she doesn't come more often, since she lives 20 minutes away. Honestly, since January she wasn't here more than 4 times. She always comes when Warren is not home. She is a super nice granny with lot's of patience with the kids. Alex stays with her almost every Saturday night. I was always hoping her behavior will change by spending time with Mimi. But it doesn't really look like. Anyway we had a nice afternoon with her, but by the end of the day the kids had some argument with Amanda and Granny got upset and left from all of the sudden. I personally think Amanda was right, she didn't want to let Alex to talk to her that way.....I just think she doesn't handle the situation on an effective way. She shouts.... and I think it would help, she should talk on a normal voice/tone with the kids.... but I know it isn't easy, especially with Alex. 

I had to take Alex and her friend to soccer practice couple of times during the summer. I was always waiting for them in a Starbucks..... This was the first time that I realized we have Potbelly in Dallas too. Do you remember my yummy milkshake from Chicago??? It was from Potbelly..... I sent this picture to Viki and Andre right away. I was so happy that i can have that shake again.... however I didn't get it that day. I had to wait for the weekends when I can have more rewards. :)

Reading in Starbucks while waiting for the kids to be done with soccer.

I almost have the same breakfast every morning. It is either oatmeal or a slice of bread with strawberry gem plus fruits with almonds. Oh and of course coffee. I became addicted to it. 

Painting and designing Ryder's wrestling guys by using my nail polish :)

I knew a guy since March called Alex. He is Sara's very close friend. They like brother and sister. I met with him couple of times in a group, and I also invited him for Color Run in April. He invited me couple of times out, but I never accepted. He seemed a nice guy, but somehow I wasn't interested in him. Anyway during the following week after Chicago we were talking on Facebook, and he invited me again out. At this time, I said okay. So it was a Friday night, when we went for a dinner and after to some club in downtown. 

He lives in Fort Worth, which is super far from me. It is around 1 hour drive on tollway. Also, it is more than 80 kilometers from my home. Anyway, he wanted to pick me up to show that he is a  real gentlemen. I don't let people pick me up except my friends.  Especially at this house. However, I let him to come and pick me up since he is Sara's friend and I know a lot about their friendship. 

After dinner we went to a nice club in downtown Dallas. It is called Truth & Alibi. It is a very unique bar. You couldn't guess that it is a bar from outside. It looks like a candy store. You can even see the many different kind of candies through the window/door. You enter, there is two security guys who ask for the password. If you know the password they let you in. If not, you can leave. Every single week they change their password. I really liked this method. So when u enter and they ask for  a password, you still think it is just a candy store. Than they open the door which is fully covered by candies. You can not even see that there is a door. It is hiding under the candy heaven. The bar/club was a small place but cosy. I liked it. After this bar we went to a strip bar. Lol. I know you wonder now how we ended up there. His friends texted him that they are in a strip bar and wanted him to go there. Of course he said no. He said no because I was with him, otherwise he would go for sure. But I became so interested since I have never been in a strip club, so I asked him to go there. I may not want to go there with my boyfriend who i love but Alex was different, I felt he is just a friend with who I went out. So, we went to that place, I don't remember exactly what was the name of it, but something with dolls. I was surprised seeing all those naked girls walking all around. I knew what to expect, but I was a bit shocked. I went to a bathroom which was full of naked girls.... i felt weird. Anyway, I was glad we went there, because I was curious, and I wanted to experience that environment. LOL. Alex's friends told me that there are couple of Hungarian girls. They even showed me one of them. She wasn't young, but she didn't look bad. It is not something that I would be able to do it ever. It is so dirty and nasty. Haha.

Next day I went to Laith's pool to meet up with the guys and hang out over there with them. 

Laith made us yummy food. :)

Of course I took again a watermelon. By now the guys call me watermelon girl, since I always take everywhere one with me... haha

How cute these dogs are. The one on my lab is Viki's dog. The other one is Laith's, and he named him Coco. 

My host mom doesn't really cook and she doesn't like to do it either. However, recently she tried to do some new dishes. Don't want to be bad, but I surprised. :) One of them was the coconut shrimp. It turned out really well. It was so delicious. I would like to learn how to do it. I don't think it is hard. I miss cooking so much. I enjoyed to do it, but here I don't need to, and I don't really feel comfortable to start cooking for me. They are picky about food.

Yummy home made coconut shrimp.

One of my text book. In this semester we learn about the States in America, but in next semester we are going to study Europe. Can't wait. :)

One evening I went for I run, but it was such a torture. I thought that 30 minutes is never going to be over. It was still so hot and there were many mosquitoes. I got many bites. This house is where I live by the way. :)

I was super excited about my books, couldn't wait to school to start. I was fed up with the summer. I needed to feel that I do something useful. I needed to be busy with my study.

On my way to gym Zarina called me that she is in the park with the kids, so I made a little detour before gym.

This playground is close to my home... Zarina is a live out nanny nearby, but we don't really have time to meet up often. After work she is busy with school, boyfriend and so on..... Actually the family is the same where she was an Au-Pair.

Maze.... the kids enjoyed it.

I remember this day I was kind a sick. Actually the whole week, but I tried to be strong... I didn't want to stay home in bed.... I took some pain killers and headed to gym.... I was suffering but still went to gym.... but after few days, I couldn't handle it anymore and I felt I need to go to a doctor. I was talking to Firas, and he said he has antibiotics if I want. So I accepted, and after taking those pills I recovered fast. I was thinking about if I am sick at home, I am in bed and my mom is around me. Here I try to be strong and act like nothing happened. :)

I hate traffic jam. This is the only thing when I don't really have patience. I always need to tell to myself "calm down, there is nothing u can do."

In the summer I was so crazy about gym, but recently I don't go and do that much. One reason is my school why i am skipping gym. 

Again painting :) This weekend my host family was out of town.... 




We went to lifetime, and I remember he didn't want to swim. I was upset. I didn't want to swim this time because I didn't feel good, my throat and ears were hurting and he didnt't want to go into the water by himself.

I had a few days while i was excited about some stupid stuff.... lol. I am so glad I didn't get involved into anything like that. I went to listen presentations and so on.... It is travel package you need to buy... and make people to get involved. It is a pyramid system. Going to these meetings made me to be enthusiastic for this... but fortunately I realized it is not something that I would be able to do. I don't like to make people to believe in something while I do not believe in it in 100 per cent. Anyway, at least I met with some nice people over there.... :)

I went to a conference as well, where I had to pay $ 40 admission fee. Stupid me haha..... After I had a lunch with my "future" team. Haha. They were super nice people.....  but I decided to not get involved.

An other afternoon at at pool with the guys at Laith's place.

After pool it is time for a movie... :)

Laith tricked everyone with this "beer mug". It was empty but looked like it is full with beer. I am sure you all saw these kind of things. I was so funny how I was trying to have a sip from it. :)

I had fun hanging out with Alex. He is a very funny guy and I really liked that. I thought I will give a try with him... let's see what is going to happen.... So, I started to date with him....

One Sunday I went to a circus with my host family. They were so nice inviting me. Warren son and his gf, stepson came with us. I never saw a real circus. When I told to Sara that I go to a circus..... she gave me a speech about it lol. She never goes to circus because she thinks those animals are suffering over there. Well, I understand her point of view as well, but I don't think it is that bad for those animals over there. I attached some pictures and videos about this circus, but if it bores you just skip it. :)






Amanda and Ryder


I want to ride an elephant so bad! Lol. I want to go to a place where I can ride them.
 I need to do that in my near future.... Haha. Do I sound funny?

Ryder, Eden, And JR (He is Warren's son)




They didn't have that much show with animals.... just tigers, elephants and dogs. 




On the way home in the car...

One Sunday afternoon Viki came over. We didn't do anything special just watching movie. I made a Dalma style omelette for us. :)

We were watching Avatar...

Look how cute Tibon is.... 

This weekend I understand more the love towards dog. I was home by myself and the other dogs were in daycare. Poor Tibon felt so lonely I guess. Whenever I set down, he came over me and laid down on my lab... It looked like he is hugging me. He was so cute and snoring loud. I felt so sorry to wake him up. 

Next day he is still hugging me.... Don't tell me he is not cute please! :)

Again Lifetime with Sara. I wish to change my gym to lifetime, but it is so expensive. Sara did change it, but I don't think I want to spend that much money for gym right now. My gym is 9 dollar per month lifetime is 90 dollar. However I heard that some other lifetime is cheaper.... I don't know how come, but this one is not. 

We had a relaxing afternoon over there. I used my host mom card to get in. 

Dogs in my car.... It was terrible. They left a big mess. I had to take them to daycare than pick them up from there. It was so hard dealing with 4 dogs at the same time. I was a bit afraid to drive like that on highway.

Sweating in gym.... It was after my 30 min run. I always look so bad in gym, sometimes I wonder how come guys still come over to talk to me.... lol

My piggy bag :) I collect the coins for a new nice black purse. I am going to buy one on Black Friday. 2 years ago I bought one with Sasha on the same day, but it ruined..... I need a new one. 

In pizza heaven with Alex. I have never been in a pizza buffet lol

Recently I ate too much pizza, I need to stop it....

This was our last date with Alex.... lol After that I decided to stop dating with him too. Lol. I am ridiculous. I know. I am still looking for Sasha in everyone and it is too bad. That is why I can't date.  That is why it never works out with anyone. I mean I do date because i want to try, I want to hope that at this time I will like the boy.... but it never happens. 

Picking up the dogs from the daycare on a Monday afternoon.... While driving there some sign appeared in my car. I was kinda scared what it is. It didn't seem too good. It said stop engine and call a dealer. I drove home and texted to my host mom. They were on their way home from their trip. When they got home they had a huge fight again. It is so uncomfortable to me hearing these fights. The fight last for couple of days. I didn't really have car, because Amanda didn't want to use the car she got from Warren. And the one I drive is hers. Fortunately after a few days they fixed their problem and everyone was happy again. I took the car to a repair shop next day early morning and after that i went to school. That was my first day in this semester. I was so excited. Of course I missed the first hour from the class because of the car issue, but i was happy that i could arrange to get to school somehow. 

One day I got out from gym and headed to my car when I realized someone left me a note. :)

It was so natural and I really like that. I liked his creativity. :) It melted my heart. :)

When the family got home from the trip, they had a huge fight. For a few days they were arguing. It was so uncomfortable for me. I felt so sorry for them. Both of them were upset. I was sure they will fix it I just didn't know when... I don't like the ambiance in the house when they are fighting...

First day in school

There is a cool mom in my class who asked me after spending two hours together if I am single or not because she has two sons. She was so funny. She said this in front of the whole class and the teacher. Everybody was laughing. 

In front of Starbucks waiting for Viki and Gulnaz, while watching these people doing the bucket challenge. I got so bored from this challenge. Some people nominated me, but I didn't want to do it. I felt peple went crazy with this bucket challenge. Fortunately, it is over by now. On Facebook everybody just posted these kinda videos about themselves. I don't judge anyone, I just didn't like it. 

The girls are going to the same school just on different days. We met in the Starbucks close by their school. Actually that school is just 15 minutes away from me. How cool would be if I wouldn't need to drive that much to get to school. 

Love spending time with them. 

When I need to take Alex somewhere I always take a book and wait for her in a Starbucks. On this way, I spend my time useful. :)

Saturday afternoon with Viki. My flip flop teared but it didn't make my mood bad haha. I didn't want to drive home so I was walking with bear foot. :)

Oh and finally we went to Potbelly to get our favorite Vanila Orea Shake. The girl misunderstood me and she made two shakes by a mistake. 

After that we went to see Gulnaz. Actually we were thinking to go out, but decided to stay home. In the past few months I didn't go out often. Somehow I got bored of clubs and bars. I would rather chill at home and watch a movie with the girls. Am I getting old?

Gulnaz was babysitting for a friend and they let us to go there.... It was late and the girls was already sleeping....

It was a funny dog. I don't know what breed it is....

Sunday means pool time :) At this time, we were at Vova's pool. 

Viki made some Ukrainian food.... 

I was swimming a lot this summer. Good exercise :)

Preparing for class while sunbathing. 

Three Amigas...

Vova fall asleep....

We wanted to go to Sherlocks for a few hours, nothing crazy just hanging out with friends. Before Viki, Vova and I went to Ihop. The guys were hungry, and I needed some coffee because I was super sleepy. Coffee is my alcohol.... I barely drink alcohol beverages... maybe a beer/month lol.... I became such a good girl. :D I just don't feel the need for alcohol. Really. I can have fun without it too.  Sometimes happened i got tipsy but on those days i kinda forced myself to drink because I wanted to get tipsy.... But those occasions are rare as well...

In Sherlocks with Viki.....

I didn't have that much mood to go out that night.... I remember I would rather stay home. But actually I had fun. Vova's roommate, Fernanda joined to us. I really like her. Also, we randomly ran into some other friends so we talked and laughed a lot. The late coffee gave me so much energy, I couldn't fall asleep till 6 a.m.  


Traffic.... again.... Why everyone needs to go to Dallas in the mornings? :/


Somehow I like so much the big roads....On the way to the school....


The classes are so different here than back home. Everything is on power point. Homework needs to be submitted online through e-campus.You have online quizzes and test and so on... Everything is online. I like this system.

I have a classmate who is a nutritionist. She is so into gym as well. Sometime we work out together. She can always take guests with her special membership. One day after gym I went with her to do Brazilian Jiu Jitzu. It is like wrestling. OMG, i really liked it. I learned how to choke. I would enjoy to take a class like that, but I do not have the time for it right now. Maybe in the future. I will keep it on mind. :)

I was getting ready to go to the hairdresser, but before I took a picture to have something to compare. :)

So this is before......

It was a pretty Mc Donald's that is why I took a picture of it....

... and this is after.... what do you all think? :)

I enjoyed my new hair style that day, but I was sure when it gets curly I will not like that much because it is going to be short.... 

I loved my long hair, but it was too dry and unhealthy. It was necessary to have a haircut.... Hope it will grow back soon. Somehow my hair grows so slowly. 

My body guards! :)

Taking selfie.... I had to with my new hair haha

Friday night I went with Keri, Chadi and Firas to the Winstar casino in Oklahoma. I have been there once with Sasha for the Pitbull concert. I liked that casino. It is the world's biggest casino. It was hard to believe, but it is true. "Winstar is the largest casino in the world based on gaming floor space."

The only time i smoke is when i am with Firas. He is a bad influence on me haha. Just kidding..... but he is definitely my smoking buddy. 

With Keri.... the only American friend :)

I had so much fun with them. I was glad I joined. I was thinking to not go because I supposed to have a date at that night, but in the last minute I canceled it because long time i didn't hang out with these friends, so I was like: "The date can wait :) Friends are more important."

We lost some money haha...

First time I am playing with my own money.... lol.... It was just 5 dollar. :) I didn't want to waste more....

We got home late, and next day I had to go to TEMM club meeting at 11. However I woke up at 8, after 4 hours sleeping because I had somehoeworks and it bothered me that I didn't do it. If I have homeworks I didn't do, I can't sleep.... seriously. I wish I would be like that in high school too. :D

What is TEEM club meeting? It stands for Travel, Exposition, Meeting Management. This is my major. So, we have a club where I want to participate. We organize some events, do volunteering jobs and so on.... 

I was almost the first person who arrived. I helped to make the tables. 

We had sandwiches, cookies as well :)

Welcome package from the TEEM club. :)

I rescheduled my Friday date to Saturday afternoon. I wasn't in the mood that much to go, but as always I thought I give a try. The guy, called Steve was nice. We met in the park, wanted to kayak, but the weather became bad and I was worried to go to the water in that wind. So, we just hanged out in the park and played Disc Golf with his friends.


I never played this game before, but I liked it. 


What I liked in Steve that he is so active. Doing all kind of sports and so on.... 

Steven gave me these books, he found it by the trash can and he saved it. I was so happy for those books. 

Sweaty Dalma :)

On old man came over to me.... we were talking for a while and when he left gave me a piece of candy saying that i deserve it because i was working out hard... haha.... this old man was so sweet..


See how strong I am? LOL But this was the second time ever I tried to do this. I never ever practiced.... It is so much fun for me. I wanted to get one for me, but my door is to high, I can't use it in this house.... wish I could. 

Look what we found in the living room.... actually the house keeper found it by the curtain.... I was shocked. I guess it came inside the house when we take out the dogs from the front door. My host mom always leaves the door open...

How beautiful... 

My insanity team <3

One of my teacher is so cool, he always bring some snack to class for everyone...

Playing twist...

We were having fun with the girls. Everyone was home by herself with her family's dogs.... 

At first Gulnaz sent us the picture, than Viki.... and by a coincidence I was also sitting with my dogs haha

Whose are the sweetest? I guess Viki's one is the number 1. 

Grapevine Festival...

Look at my nose! Haha.... But it is like that even in real life... I know... :P

I was kinda sick that day.... the following day i felt worse.... after that i felt terrible and I ended up going to doctor because I started to feel dizzy... I guess it was ear infection again. I took antibiotics and I recovered fast...

He is my cool teacher who always brings snack to class..

Octoberfest.... This was the first time that I introduced a guy to my friends. I was dating with 4 guys in this year, but they didn't know them... not even the girls.... oh wait... Viki knew Max.... but not the others..... 

I was wearing the same clothes that I wore 2 years ago at this festival.... I remembered, and i wanted to wear the same from purpose..... It has to be a tradition lol

Being silly :)

OMG I can't believe that the guys made me to sit in this zipper.... 



I am already frightened... 


It was terrible, I was shouting a lot..... here we didn't even move and I was shouting haha.... I couldn't wait to step on the ground again.... 

They wanted to push me to go to this one too... but hell no..... I was feeling so dizzy and sick even after the first one..... I don't like these stuff....

Sunday afternoon I met with Steve again at the lake.... we went there for kayaking.... 


I had fun... I love doing things like that...






Practicing how to throw the disc... He tried to teach me, but I wasn't the best student....

At his friend's house....

I am always getting random messages from people I have never met.... But seriously it happens so often....

We have an other family member :) How do you like this tarantula? We have two of them in front of the house.... They live there.... Every morning or evening we can see them...



At school.... my teacher just gave us candies again :) It is a motivation for his class... lol....

On my way home from college..... I love my glasses.... I am so glad that i wear here... because back home I hated to wear glasses.... I really feel it gives me a smarter look... :)

Oh and about Steve..... We were kayaking Sunday afternoon...everything was okay, I had fun. Next day I woke up with a thought in my mind.... I felt, that I need to tell to Steve that I don;t want anything.... I am crazy???? Am I? I have no idea what a hell wrong with me..... He was kind a upset..... And I understand him.... I introduce him to my friends Saturday night and Monday I just tell him from all of the sudden that no more dating.... I do this with everyone from one day to an other. I know I have to stop doing it.... and that's why I decided no more dating... no more guys for a while.... for a few months at least.... I need to be by myself... to fix my feelings..... Next time I will go for a date just if I really really want to.... if I will feel I die if I can't go for a date.... From January till May I was dating with Max... and in the next four months: Raj, Alex, Steven.... It was too much in that short time. Right now I feel I want to keep myself far from guys.... Finally, I realized it was not good what I did.... honestly....I had fun, but it was kind a force... because recently i was desperate about to have a real relationship and so on... I just felt lonely and I wanted to give a try.... Actually I didn't even give enough time to anyone.... so fast I just moved on..... Crazy, crazy.....

Here is Raj.... Poor him always tried to stay friends at least..... but I never met up with him after that again.... Seriously I didn't miss any of them... not even a little bit.... Sometimes I feel I am hurting people too..... what I don't want..... that's why no more dating for a while... I wasn't like this before Sasha.... I still mention him a lot.... Oh well.... i need to act like a mature adult who can handle this situation....and get over....

Well, now I had a brief update from August till middle of September...... Hopefully you don't need to wait for the next post 2-3 months.... :) I try to be better.....

Have an awesome week!
Hugs and Kisses