2014. július 31., csütörtök

Lake, Sisu, Church, Towed car

Hi everyone! Back to write in my blog... I kinda need to force myself to do it haha....  The thing is I go to Chicago in one and a half days, and I am pretty sure I will have a lot to write after that trip, and I will be bored to write about the last few weeks in Dallas.... So, let's start. :)

The last three weeks were kinda boring. Viki left Dallas.... and my other friends are not that much into activities.... I missed Viki so much, I can't even explain how much I did miss her..  I gonna meet her soon in Chicago.... can't wait for it. I am sure we will talk a lot.... we need to discuss everything what happened recently. I love Gulnaz, and the other girls as well.... but I feel closer to Viki. 

My new Texas logo tank for gym. I love wearing clothes with Texas or Dallas logo...

Weekdays pass by so fast..... nothing really special.... everything the same..... I don't work long hours, so I can't complain about that..... but I need to be so flexible without working schedule :)

The first Friday after Viki left was thinking what should I do with my off days...... I saw Niki online on Facebook, we started to chat, and quickly made a plan for next day..... going to one of the lakes in Dallas area. None of us have been there before, and we wanted to check it out. I didn't see her since end of April, so I was glad to see her again, and meet with her husband as well. I never met with him before. They brought their dog too. :)

Lake Ray Hubbard

Niki and I

She was so cute carrying a bowl and water for the dog... She even had a sunscreen for dogs haha. You can see on them their passion for this dog, and how much they care about him. It is always nice to see that. I like dogs, but I don't think I would ever get one. (That is a different story if my boyfriend would own one). I think it is a big responsibility. That's why, I can admit those people who keep pets. :) 

They were couple of restaurant overlooking the lake. I can imagine a romantic date night over there :)

I found my favorite brunch drink here too..... It is Mimosa :)

First time eating in Gloria's... :)

Her husband's phone took nice pictures... I wish to have a newer phone with good camera :)

I remember it was super hot, no wonder not that much people were outside..... I love hot, but even I can't handle it for a long time without being by a pool/beach/lake.... I know it was a lake.... (if u didnt recognize) haha.... but we didn't plan to swim.... I don't really like to swim in lakes.... I am afraid of the stuff under water that aren't visible :)

We tried to drive around the lake to find a park where we can hang out a bit.... and the dog can swim, but without any success. The better park was under construction, so it was closed. From this lake we drove to White Rock Lake that is almost in Dallas downtown.... it is 5 minutes from Viki's place. 

The dog was swimming a bit here...

After spending some time at the second lake, they drove me back to the mall, where I parked my car. I went inside to cool off a bit...... Of course i had to buy some stuff.... As always.... 

After shopping I went to Gulnaz's place. She just bought a car. I was so happy for her, she really needed a car. I can't even imagine how could she handle living without a car in Dallas for such a long time.... Anyway, we had to celebrate it, so we had a glass of wine while watching a movie.... the title of the movie was The other women with Cameron Diaz. I love her. Here is the trailer. 

I really liked this movie.

The guys were at TopGolf, so on my way back I stopped by to say "hi" :)

After a sudden phone call, Laith and I ran to rescue Sara..... I don't talk about this part, because it is about her personal life...... Anyway, after getting her we went to Laith's place and ended up watching an other movie. I fall asleep again for half an hour.... Recently, i always fall asleep why watching movie at his place. Haha. Something is wrong with that couch in his living room. It was so hard to get up and drive home....

Next day I picked up Sara and Laith and drove to uptown, Sisu bar exactly. A bit later Jehan, Keri and Chadi joined to us. This Sunday was the World Cup Final, and we wanted to gather together somewhere to watch it. I wasn't that into in all these soccer, but i saw that Sisu has a pool party every Sunday plus the guys could watch the final at the same place. So it seemed an ideal place to be at that day. :)

After parking, while trying to get out from the garage we found ourselves inside the hotel... So we walked around a bit...

With Sarita... 

We are multiple.... :)

After two margaritas i was already tipsy, so I had to stop drinking...lol The good thing that i always know when it is time to stop... I know i was the driver, but i knew we gonna hang out there for couple of hours, so it meant i could have something to drink :)

We went there early, not that much people were there at that time... however it got busy fast.



Some video are without sounds....The volume of my phone was off when i took them...

It was fun to participate in a pool party like this.... It is not something that i would like to do often.... but it was nice to see it and be there.... for me it was like in the movies.... Back home we don't have this kinda pool parties.... By the way, I liked W Hotel pool party better. Over there the crowd were more intelligent....  here were a lot of young crazy people, who just wanted to get drunk.... No wonder that I don't like American boys..... I feel they just want to party, drink, get girls..... but i don't feel they would be up for a real relationship.... It is just my opinion, maybe I am not right..... (Actually, I hope that I am not right.... and there are nice American boys out there as well, just I didn't meet with them :).... haha) 




Back to the hotel to get our car....

I had my name day on 12th of July. I would totally forget about it if my family doesn't remind me. People celebrate name days in my country and in some other countries in Europe as well. That means we celebrate a name each day during the entire year..... It is not that big deal like a birthday, but still we greet each other with flowers, chocolate, and so on... So, my family sent me a little package: my favorite handmade earrings and heart shape book marks. :) Also, I got a book. I was so happy for that. I started to read right away..... The title in English is The Secret of Soul mate. My sister knew i need these kinda books, because I am always saying i miss a partner from my life, but I don't like anyone, or I just don't meet with the right person.... In couple of days I finished the book.... It helped me a lot. I can recommend it to anyone. I just loved it. I really learned a lot. When i went out to a club/bar I was always thinking about to meet with some guy..... but not anymore..... As a single, I try to enjoy now my time with my friends if i go out.... and not being desperate about finding someone. I know I will meet with my soul mate... I know he is on his way toward me..... and till the time he finds me, I will live every day happily.... This book changed my perspective a lot..... on a good way of course. After finishing the book, I ordered some other books from Amazon. One of the book is the same writer.... I couldn't wait for receiving my new books....

One Tuesday evening I met up with Raj for a dinner.... I like him.... but.... I don't know..... I just don't think he would be the right one for me. He is so kind and generous with me..... I can't say anything bad about him. I am just so funny because after couple of dates I don't like anyone as my partner or just I can't imagine my life with them.... I hope, nothing is wrong with me haha.... I get bored from all those dates. So far, Raj is my longest relationship.... actually, i don't want to mention it as a relationship.... we are just dating or seeing each other sometimes..... but not girlfriend/boyfriend status. Sometimes, I feel I just don't give enough time to anyone. So, now i gonna wait some more days/weeks..... let's see how I feel in a month...... And if i don't feel being in a relationship with him.... i will just tell him.... I don't want to force anything..... 

Recently I enjoy reading so much.... <3

I was laughing about the drive through at the library.... I don't have to get out from the car even when i need to return a book.... America makes everything to be convenient for the people.... That's why there are a lot of obese people here..... (lack of walking.... I miss walking so so much.... back home we walk to grocery store or  to friends house....)

Actually, in this rain it was a great idea, that i didn't need to get out from the car because I didn't want the books get wet.... but if the weather would be nice, I am pretty sure I wouldn't use this facility.... I would rather park my car, and walk into the building. :)

Friday afternoon I went to this trade park with my host family. They sell everything..... sometimes you can find nice stuff for little money....but there are a lot's of stupid things as well.... Oh well, I shouldn't say that because something can seem silly for me but cool for others. Everyone is different and actually that makes the word beautifully diverse.


Anyway, it was nice to walk around with them. Alex was on vacation with her grandparents for 10 days in Florida. The house was so quiet without her haha

Amanda was obsessed with these angel wings. :) She wanted to get it... 

That Friday evening i went to a restaurant with my friends. It is called Turkish Cafe in Frisco. They have been there many times, but somehow it was my first time there. I really liked the place. It was almost like a club/bar. There were a dance floor downstairs..... I loved the music. They played everything... Turkish, Arab, English, Indian songs... :) I was dancing a bit with Firas :)

Belly dancers entertained us...

Do you remember Reemon? He is the guy with the white T-shirt. He is Renee's brother. I met with him when i got here in 2012. After couple of months, he moved to L.A. to finish his study. Now, he got his master, and he moved back to Dallas, looking for a job. Oh, and he is a dentist. I talked about him in the blog two years ago or even more... haha. Anyway, it was nice to see him again. He is a nice guy, but from Middle East.... I don't ever want to date with guys from there anymore..... This is how i feel now. I love my Middle Eastern friends..... but that's all. No relationship! 

We left this place at 1 a.m., but before going home we stop at the nearest bar for an hour. I don't really like that bar,but for an hour with friends it is okay. 


By the way, I left my car in front of the outlet mall.....So do Laith. It was his idea, because I wanted to leave it in front of some other bars, which are open till 2 a.m. We went all together with Sara's car.... Sara has a manual car and Laith wanted to try driving that. When we went to get our car, i saw from a distance there is something on my window. I scared that I got a ticket for parking here after closing hours. Fortunately it was just a warning. I will not leave there my car again for sure. :) I am happy they didn't tow it. 

Next day I drew to Dallas to meet with a young boy from Transylvania. I just wanted to be friendly..... I saw him on Facebook and we started to talk.... He is 21 years old, studying in Arlington. We wanted to meet up for a coffee since such a long time, but he doesn't have a car so it was hard to arrange time for it. It was nice to talk in Hungarian with him.... we know some common people.... he used to go horseback riding to that place where i was a waitress back home.... Also, he knows one of my friend, Orsi and her mom. We hanged out for couple of hours....... nothing special just talking.

They call this high five interchange because it is a five level freeway interchange. I always wonder how big project is building something like that....

Saturday we ate in Panera Bread with Raj than we went to watch a movie...

Sex Tape Trailer

Sunday morning I decided to go to church for the very first time in America. I checked quickly if they have catholic church nearby.... There is one less than 10 minutes from my home..... they had a mass from noon, so i went there.... It was interesting to be in a church in America. It is a bit different than back home. The people looked nice, they were smiling and greeted each other. It was interesting to listen a mass in English. I became so sensitive and couldn't stop crying. I didn't have any specific reason why I cry.... I just felt I need to cry. I was crying way too much. People were asking me if I am okay..... I really wanted to stop crying, but somehow I couldn't. After church I called back Gulnaz. She was trying to reach me why I was in the church..... even in the phone I started to cry. From church, i drove to Gulnaz place..... I calmed down  over there....

Vova and I took Gulna to Frisco for an interview. She is looking for a nanny job. We had lunch together than decided to go to uptown to walk around a bit. On our way there we saw some old car exhibition, so we stopped by. Gulnaz is very into cars, she knows all the brands. She is like a boy haha. I can recognize just the Nissan Altima.... and the reason why is because i drive that car.... :)

Arriving to uptown, we parked our car in front of a store. There were a sign that parking just for customers. Gulnaz warmed Vova, but he said it is okay.... I suggested him to park on the other side of the road  in front of Albertsons at least. It is a grocery store. Anyway, we left there the car and walked around in uptown. Also, we get off a trolley.... I never rode a trolley in Dallas. It is free, but it doesn't go far.... People don't really use it... It is almost empty...

The trolly turns here..... i never saw it before.... it doesn't work this way back home.... :)

It was a very old trolley from Australia.

I can imagine living in Dallas in those apartments/houses.

We walked to Klyde Warren Park, which is in the middle of the city and on top of the freeway. They opened it nearly 2 years ago. There is always some event going on here for free... It can be an ideal place for families with kids...

We already had lunch, but next time i want to come here for brunch :)

Dallas downtown.... it is so empty.... hahha

I love the idea that having books in the park....


I have never seen sign like this in front of a playground :)

Also, if you are hungry there are couple of food trucks...... 

Bar where we use to go at night.... So funny to see all these bars empty during the day....

I wonder how come the back/front yards are so nice around a dental clinic in Dallas....

I came here many times, but never during the day... haha... This building is The Den, where we use to hang out a lot in uptown... It looked so different during the day. This place is full of people at night... I like this place because there are three levels with three different kind of music.

When we got back to the place where we parked..... there was no car.... They towed it. I could't believe it... Vova's roommate came to pick us up, and she took us to the place from where we could get his car. That place looked so scary, we wouldn't feel safe there, even in the car. That is a bad neighborhood in Dallas area. It costed $170 to get back the car. It was so expensive... I guess, we all learned our lesson from this incident. It was almost 11 p.m. when we got back to Gulnaz's place.  I stayed there for the night because next day in early morning i had to pick up Ryder and the place was 10 minutes from Gulnaz's place. So, I didn't have to drive 30 minutes (on highway) to get home, and an other 30 minutes in the morning to come back and get him. When he spends the weekend at his dad, i usually need to pick him up in front of a Mc Donald's or Wendy's ...

An other movie night with Raj during the week....

I got the book that I ordered :) I was so excited to read it.... I also ordered a memory card for my camera. I lost it somewhere in the house, and I couldn't find it. Since I am here, I wanted to buy a flash driver too.... so finally now I got one.

Before Insanity class... This is the Wednesday crew. I love working out with them.

Thursday evening Firas and I drove to Gulnaz ex host family's house.... She stayed there for 2 weeks helping them out with the kids. We were at the pool for 4-5 hours. It was fun, we had some drinks and great conversations :) 

I got my other book too.... i didn't start to read it yet because I didn't finish the other one. It takes longer time since i always need to translate couple of words. I am curious about this book too. I don't know this writer, and i didn't hear about this book..... i just randomly picked it ...

The coming weekend we didn't do anything again.... Friday night Gulnaz, Sam, Tareq, Fadi and I went to the movies to watch Hercules in 3D. Recently we watched a lot of movies....

Trailer: Hercules

Gulnaz didn't like it. She expected something better. I really liked it, and it was surprising because usually i am into comedies.... I rarely watch other kind of movies. 

Saturday night I drove to Gulnaz place. We stayed home. I bought my very first packet of cigarette since I am back to Dallas. It has been 7 months without purchasing one. I smoked sometimes, but it wasn't that much. In the first 4 months I didn't have any at all. In the last three months approximately 5 pieces per month. It would be great to not have any..... but sometimes i just feel like smoking. It is still good if I compere with my smoking habit back home. I needed 2-3 package per week. Anyway, we watched the King Kong movie. It is an old one, but I haven't seen it yet. It was Gulnaz recommendation. She saw it a few weeks ago. I wonder how come some people can watch  movie twice.... Even if i really like a movie I can't watch it twice.... Oh and I almost forgot.... all day long i was thinking about should I go online and try to find Sasha on Facebook or not. I was kinda curious about his wedding picture. Gulnaz told me couple of months ago that he saw it, and asked me if i have seen it or not..... Since end of January, I never went to his Facebook page, i didn't see any picture of him at all, and I didn't talk with him at all.....(till June). I just couldn't decide if it is a good idea or not. I was afraid how I gonna feel after seeing it.... So, I told to Gulnaz that I was thinking about to look for his picture. She right away looked for him and put her phone with his wedding picture in front of my face. It was so funny because I didn't say to her that i want to see, i just said that I am thinking about seeing it. Haha. Anyway.... for a few seconds words didn't come out from my mouth. Her wife is pretty. She really looks nice. They look good together. I hope Sasha will find the happiness he was seeking for. It is still painful a bit even if I don't blame him or anything like that..... but I think it is normal..... I mean to feel on this way..... Seeing the picture helped me a lot. It was a good idea because it was an other proof that he is happy with an other women of his side. By the way, he send a text message a month ago. Since I deleted his phone number, I wasn't sure who sent that text.... The number was so familiar. Sasha came to my mind, but i quickly deleted that though from my mind since i knew he is married. (When it happened I didn't see the picture yet)  I answered next day, asking who is he, but he didn't reply. I also tried to call the number, but he didn't respond. After a few hours, he messaged me back, that "it is Sasha" . I surprised a lot. The content of the message was so innocent. He just asked me how I am. That's all. Actually, I was the person who messaged/asked more after that, but it was just saying congratulation for his wedding, and asking him if they are planning to make an other wedding in Iran.... I also asked him about Coco. I would like to see Coco, but of course it is not gonna happen. We sent couple of messages but it was nothing special. Even if it was an innocent message I wonder why did he decide to text me.... he didn't text me for 6 months and when he gets married he does.... It sounds funny for me. I had to change my phone number last week, so now he can;t reach me anymore. Most likely, he wouldn't even if my phone number would be the same haha..... Actually, I think it is good that I had to change my phone number. My host family asked me to do it because Amanda's ex husband knew my number, and he messaged me about Ryder instead of messaging Amanda and asking her about their son. It happened a few times and than Warren didn't want him to know my phone number anymore.... 

Trailer: King Kong

Sunday I went to church again.... I was crying again, i don't know what's wrong with me... it seems i go to church to cry... lol. At least i didn't cry that much at this time than last Sunday. When we walked out a guy came to me and asked if I came alone to the church. Since my eyes was full of tear, i didn't really want to talk. I answered him and quickly walked away. I wondered why it is that strange to others that i went to church by myself. Actually, you don't really see people there by themselves... usually families go together..... or friends/couples how I observed.

After church I met with Sara, we had lunch at Gloria's and had done some shopping close to our place... She wasn't in the best mood, I tried to cheer her up. Recently all my friends are becoming sad.... Viki was also sending me sad messages, Gulnaz the same..... We are all here without families, and we are all singles, so i think that's why we have so much downs recently....

I like Mexican food <3

We need to come here to play ball games when the weather will cool down a bit. It is so hot now for being outdoors without pool :).

I love candles, almost every night i light one when I come up to my room.

My new backpack.... can't wait for school to start. It was enough from summer. Something needs to make me busy. 

Before Chicago I wanted to go to fix my eyebrow. I ruined it so bad in the last seven months, so it was really time to make it done by professionals. It is an Indian place, and they make eyebrow so cheap compere to other salons. It was $5. I need to let it grow and go back there in the next couple of months in order to have a nice shape of it. I have to admit to myself that I am not that good in it. My cousin used to do it at home for me time to time. She even painted it.

After Henna Salon, I stopped by the lake and went for a 30 minutes run. It was nice to have my daily run outside. The weather cooled off a bit this day, so it was a perfect day for leaving treadmill in the gym.  

"Mia learned that the only thing she can control is the response to circumstances. Life, much like the weather is not something you can control."  It is from Wabi Sabi Love.... The book that I read now.... It gave me so much.... <3 Read it! <3

Have a great weekend everyone.... i need to go now, pack my stuff.... leaving to Chicago in the morning. Yuppi. :) I really hope my next post gonna be more exciting with great adventures/experiences. Can't wait to see Viki. :)