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4th of July, W Hotel Pool Party, Joe Pool Lake

Hi everyone!

I am here again :) Time flies so fast.... it seems i posted a few days ago, but actually it was 3 weeks ago. So, let's recall what happened in the last few weeks.... :) I still love my life in America. No wonder. :) Right? Haha. I try to bring out the best from each day.... even if I stay home.... I need to do useful things. Sometimes i put some zumba or salsa videos on you tube and i am dancing in my room.... lol :) I am so grateful that God gave me such a good mood! Lol :) Actually, it is not just God who gave me this gift.... I also use to teach myself.... I do it now as well.... :) I still need to work on some stuff.... but I am on the right track toward success haha. I am willing to share one of the thing that always bothered in myself.....It is about money. Why? Because i grown up in an environment when we always had to save up.... and just buy necessary things. If i needed a new shoes, I had to save up my weekly pocket money in high school. I was in boarding school and my parents every week gave me little money for bus ticket or extra food. Believe me it was very little. Weekly 20 max 25 Ron which is less than 7 $ haha. I never used bus because I wanted to save money... I hitchhiked. Don't be surprised. It is normal at home. Everybody does it. Also, it is safe in our area. We don't have often bus.... and people who are driving through the village stop for hitchhikers.... Some of them expect a little money for the ride, but some of them not. We didn't really pay for it... if we did, was maximum 1 dollar. Anyway... back to my topic... money. :) I always needed to save up as much as I could. I grown up like that..... I always heard it from my parents.... so if I was hungry in school, I didn't buy sandwich  from my pocket money because i wanted to save my money for a new shoes or piece of clothing. I had a little income from selling cosmetic (Avon) products.... or clothes or whatever that i could sell haha.... I was smart and I tried to make some money even in high school. This little income helped me a lot. When I started to work I still saved up as much as I could....I bought some clothes and new stuff but I wasn't spending a lot. I earned good money, but none one could say that..... because i didn't act like who has good money and i set up limits for myself so I didn't buy anything what i wished.... I rarely ate outside but if i did I always chose the cheapest food and so on.... I don't mind that i was always looking the money and saved up... because if i wouldn't do that, i wouldn't be here now... However, here I try to not be that strict on me. In this year, i taught myself if I go to eat outside don't look at the price and order whatever i wish to eat. Believe me, it was super hard. I struggled with myself..... Whatever I bought.... something in myself kept telling me that you shouldn't buy this or that and so on..... but now what i learned and actually still learning is that whatever I buy  I need to give that money away happily and don't tell to myself that i shouldn't get it. I need to repeat couple of times to myself that I DO deserve it. :) Okay, it doesn't mean now i spend crazily..... but time by time i do get better quality clothes or food or whatever..... I still remember 2 years ago in Miami I was looking for the cheapest food to eat.... lot's of fast food.... lol... but now I am looking for the healthiest ones :) I am so happy for this change! 

Finally, I had a chance to talk by Skype with on of my very good friend from back home... Now she is in London.... :)

I registered at the Allen Library.... the first book that i got is Dracula. :) As a Transylvanian girl, I think it is really time to read it.... I need to force myself every day to read a bit because now i don't go to school, and I feel I am forgetting the words... not those words that i use in everyday communication :D Anyway, reading an English book is a good practice for my English. :)

I got some book for my Computer Literacy Class... I talked about it in the last post. I wanted to try the test again in this month, and if i wouldn't pass take the class in the Summer II semester.... but i just decided to not take it now.... i live my summer free time for fun.... I may take it in Winter term..... I would rather read my Dracula book than study this computer stuff... I don't like it... :D

Saturday afternoon we started to play this board game with Viki and Vova in Starbucks..... but after a while we gave up.... Vova was so excited about playing this game.... but it was to complicated for Viki and I.... haha... we didn't really understand it.... After we went to Target to buy swimming suit for Viki's Miami trip.... Vova bought a Monopoly over there.... He is so into board games... lol

After grabbing some watermelon and ice cream we were ready to play Monopoly :) 

Monopoly Party at Vova's place. We were not in the mood for going out.... Still can't believe that we stayed home Saturday night.... lol I am pretty sure if i say to Viki we would go somewhere..... but I didn't want. Actually we both had party clothes with us in case if we change our mind....

OMG we ate the whole box of ice cream... We felt so full half way, but could't stop eating it.... After that I felt so guilty.... Especially since i work out almost every day, but at least 5 or 6 days out of 7. Sometimes I am so good and eating just healthy snacks like fruits, vegetables.... or almonds.... but sometimes I go crazy.... I just simply can't cut off totally the candies/sweets.... Not every day, but couple of days a week I need to eat some desserts.... :) 

We were laughing so hard..... I pressed the ice cream down in the cup, so it is gonna have more space for more ice cream.... 

<3 <3 <3 This is Transylvania!!!! <3 <3 <3 :) So proud of being a Transylvanian girl! Doesn't matter where I am, but I will never forget where I am from..... I had a real childhood back home... collecting mushrooms, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries or blackberries in the forest every summer was a must do.... my mom made delicious jam from these berries...Most of the time we went to the forest by ourselves with other kids from the neighborhood or cousins.... without any adult supervision. It took 1-2 hour walking till we reached the places.... but it was totally fine for us..... we knew the way..... However, I remember i was so afraid of dogs. We needed to pass some herds of sheep on our way to the deep forest..... and around those sheep there were huge dogs.... these dogs made us run many times. I was always shivering when we had to pass them.... Sometimes was praying and asking God to not meet with any herds. But being afraid of dogs was not a reason to stay home.... I liked to go, but even if i wouldn't like it i would't have other choice.... My parents were working hard all day long, and i can say it was kind of the children's responsibility to get all those berries.... If we had plenty at home, my parent's let me to sell it to my neighbors... My father also taught me which mushrooms are good or poison... As a child, I knew well all the kind of mushrooms..... We had a specific kind that I collected for sell..... I was lucky because my parents never took away that money from me that I earned by these jobs.... However, I couldn't buy candies or toys from it.... I had to buy necessary things like new clothes or shoes before school starts in fall..... or notebooks, pencils, schoolbag..... Seeing these kids here in U.S...... i always say how lucky I am..... and I can appreciate the way how I grown up more.... That life helped me to become that person who I am now..... :) I would like to live here, stay here.... but at the same time I would love if my children could grow up in Transylvania..... Even if I stuck here..... or other countries in Europe.... i want my children to stay 1-2 months at my parents house every summer...haha..... OMG.... i am crazy, i don't even have boyfriend and i am already thinking about my kids... lol

Sunday we were hanging out at the pool for a while... than we continued playing Monopoly :) At this time Gulnaz and Firas joined us.... Actually I picked Gulnaz up.... Firas came later....

Those older ladies were there again with the music... it was nice to see them again.... :)

I think that two days of playing Monopoly was enough for a while haha

I went to Gulnaz and Fadi's plac on the next Tuesday.... I got off early, so I spent my evening with them. I enjoyed that time so much. We were watching American Got Talent....  It was my first time watching this show and I really liked it. We had dinner together... and hookah lol.... Also, we watched 21 Jump Street. I saw the second part with Raj in the cinema.... but i haven't seen the first one.... If you like comedy and haven't seen it yet... do it.... it is a funny movie. I spent a pleasant 5-6 hours at their place.

21 Jump Street.... If I remember good I inserted the trailer of the 22 Jump Street in my last post...

Thursday my host family left to Costa Rica.... The kids didn't stay with me for the weekend so I was off; however, I had to take care of the dogs.... I had all four of them at this time. I was off, but I couldn't leave Dallas.... or go far from Fairview.... because I had to let them to go outside in every 4-5 hours. Anyway, what i want to say that i dropped Ryder off at a McDonald's where i met with his dad.... After that i took Alex for shopping.... we spent more than an hour there.... And than i took her to Mimi's from there.... They call Grandma "Mimi". I was happy to be by myself for the long weekend, even if i had to take care of the dogs..... at least I didn't need to work.


Thursday evening Firas and I went to the gym. In the beginning, we went there more times together..... recently it is very rare when we can arrange time for it.... Most of the time i go in the morning or early afternoon. Now I am not that excited about gym that i would go back for a second time in the evening...lol Anyway, after gym I am always super hungry, so he recommended a place to eat, called Cowboy Chicken. Cowboy Chicken is cooking chicken over a wood burning fire. It is a casual dining restaurant, but I liked this place. The portion is plenty and the taste is yummy. Also, it is kinda cheap. :) I love trying different places. At night, I was alone in the house. I could go somewhere, but I decided to stay home. :) 

Friday, Raj invited me for brunch.... We went to BJ's brewhouse. He is the guy from the dating website... I talked about him in my last post. We had a nice afternoon together. I really enjoyed our time. :) So, i didn't introduce him to my friends yet.... and it was so funny, because i checked in on Facebook 10 minutes before we left the restaurant, and my friend Chadi just commented under my post, that he just left with his girlfriend from the same BJ's. :) What a coincidence. We didn't see each other there, because we were sitting outside... we were the only people sitting outside lol.... Because it was hot and everybody preferred the air conditioner. But for me there is nothing better when i can enjoy sunshine while dining outside.... :) Anywhere i go to eat want to sit in the patio. My friends already know that. :) 

Drinking Mimosa.... I love Mimosa <3


So, here is he :) I didn't post picture about him yet..... but now, I feel i want to... haha :) I don't think it is hard to find out where he is from.... :) India. :) It is so funny, because not long ago I didn't like Indian people.... and I know it is so bad saying it, because they are humans to just like me haha.... Actuallu, I didn't
have any problem with them, I didn't hate them, i just couldn't imagine myself in an Indian group. I had a bad experience when i was an Au-Pair. I used to clean for an Indian family in my free time. So, this family was kinda dirty. They didn't have table in the house where to eat.... they ate while sitting on the floor.... Maybe it is their tradition I don't know and I don't want to judge them..... but for months they didn't have table or bed.... they were sleeping on a blanket on the floor. I know sometimes people can't afford everything right away. Maybe they had money problems.... but i can get mad because they had money to pay me, but not for buying a bed???? I was cleaning their house for several months.... Also, why did they need someone to clean the house? The women could do it by herself..... anyway, i remember i never liked to go there, but for some extra cash i did :) So, i think this experience influenced my thinking about Indians.I know it wasn't right, because you can find even Hungarians who are dirty/nasty or whatever. :) It depends on the person and not on the country where they are from. So, now i feel kinda shame on myself that i judged them.  Almost all my friends made joke about Indians. It didn't bother me that time. But now, it does. If i hear they don't talk nicely about them i have to tell them my opinion about it. We are all immigrants.... how would we feel if someone would say that stupid Hungarian, Romanian,or Russian girl? When i entered to his home I impressed. I never saw a guy being that organized and clean. Okay I saw some.... Max also was very organized and so on.... but it is very rare i guess. Also, his home is decorated nice with a taste that I liked. I didn't want to believe no female helped him to decorate his home, buy all those matching stuff.... I like these kind of guys. :)

I ran home at 5 pm, because Viki was on her way to my place.... She spent Friday evening/night with me.

She is drinking beer... and I am drinking guess what?? MILK :) I really try to drink minimum alcohol. 

This Friday was 4th of July, so we went to McKinney to see the fire works. This was my second 4th of July celebration in America. Last year I went home on the last day of June. So we realized, I also spent my first 4th of July with Viki in Miami in 2012. It may be our tradition...haha :)

Vova joined us later on.... we didn't do anything special this evening. After fireworks, we didn't feel like going out, so just went home to have dinner, talk, watch a movie.... We were thinking to watch a movie in the cinema, but i was too sleepy for that. I would fall asleep there if we we would go. Anyway, after my midnight movie experience, I decided to not go there anymore that late. Even though we stayed home, we didn't go to bad till 2 a.m. 

Fireworks :)

Since long time I didn't watch fireworks....

I am so happy that i am able to drive here. Now i feel confident, and i would go anywhere... :) In January, when I got back, I was afraid a bit of highways/tollways.... but by now I used to. :) I do enjoy driving. Also, I am happy that this family gave me a car, and i can take it far if i want.... The first host family didn't let me to go far, because of the mileage.... I couldn't even take the car to Dallas. It was sucks... because i could drive just in Frisco, Plano area.... The girls always needed to pick me up.... Late evening or at night i couldn't even take the car, not even close by.... Using a car anytime or anywhere where I want means freedom for me now... Every single time i needed the car over there, I had go beg for the key. I hated that feeling..... Now, it is totally different.... I have even the spare key :) Au-Pair girls, ask your host family about the car usage before you match with them. It is important, believe me. Especially, if they live in a suburban and they don't have public transportation there. I wouldn't mind at all to use public transportation, but here in Dallas we don't have it. Actually, I really miss going to the city by underground, train, bus..... Soon we go to Chicago, so I can enjoy the rides... :) By the way, Viki changed her flight to Chicago. We supposed to fly together from here, but she is going to fly there from California on the same day just 4 hours later than me. Right now, she is in Miami, she met there with her best friend from Ukraine. They didn't see each other since 5 years. I face timed with them, they were so happy. They stay in the same hostel, were we did 2 years ago. The same guy works there.... he was always so nice with us. Still remember if we were hungry always brought us bread, nutella or anything we wished for... Also, drinks haha. He kinda took care of us. He still remembers of us. It was nice to talk with him. He asked me if I go back to Miami stay in the same hostel. :) Yeah, we felt kinda special there, because they treated with us so good. :) We stayed in two hostel during our holiday. The first one was next to Ocean Drive, and it was so nice, clean, like a hotel lol.... The second one is where Viki stays now, it was further, but the price was half than the other. We didn't mind to walk... so it was okay. I felt more like home in the second one. It had a big patio/backyard :) The environment was more friendly for me in the second hostel. Regarding to Chicago, I am still in contact with the guy from couch surfing website, who is going to host us for 3 nights. His plan changed a bit, because he will work during the day for the whole weekend, but he will give us a key, so we can go in and out anytime. There is a festival on that weekend in Chicago with great singers and I didn't know about it before. I checked the tickets, but the one day pass is already sold out. Eminem, Anastasia and other great singers will perform there. I was kinda upset that we couldn't buy a one day pass.... Our host gonna work at the festival, so i heard about it from him. I wish to be able to go there Friday or Saturday. 

Saturday noon Viki had to leave, because she also had the dog at home... her host family left Saturday morning for a month....  We had so much plan before noon like sunbathing, swimming, going to the nearby little zoo.... You can guess that we didn't do anything..... We woke up late.... had breakfast and coffee.... and she had to leave.... I went to meet up with Gulnaz and Zarina at Shops at Legacy. 

We went to Mi Cocina restaurant for lunch. It is a Mexican place. I don;t see Zarina that often, so it was nice to spend some hours together. Her personality is totally differ from my one, but I like that. :) 

Zarina gave me some jewelry, because she doesn't use stuff like that...

On my way home, I stopped by the Allen outlet mall.... When I saw this lather jacket on sale I had to buy it.... It was a really good sale for 4th of July weekend. It was so hard to pick a color, because I wished to have it in all those colors. At the end I stayed with the brown one, because since such a long time i want a brown jacket, boots, and bag.... Every fall I tell to myself that now i gonna buy all those in brown color.... however, I never did. So now just the brown boots and bag missing.... I will get those in this year for sure. :)

Saturday evening Firas picked me up, and we went to Sherlocks. Over there we met with Viki, Vova, Keri, Chadi, and Rene. After an hour we left Sherlocks, because we didn't like the music. 

We ended up in McFadden. 

They asked 20 girls to go up there, and I have never done that, so now I wanted to try haha

On the way home, we stopped by Ihope, because Firas was hungry, and he had few drinks, so wanted to have a little rest before driving... I didn't like my salad over there, the chicken looked weird, i ate it but i never want to back to Ihope.... if i do, i will get just pancakes.... but not salad for sure. Youth people often go to Ihope after clubbing, because it is open 24 hours, and we have a lot in Dallas area. Actually, I just realized I have never been there daytime.... just at night.... I think they have more customers at night, than daytime...haha

Enjoying my  breakfast on Sunday morning.... We had some plan with Viki for Sunday afternoon. I had an idea, that go to the W hotel in Dallas downtown and ask them if we can go up to their pool. I didn't hear it from anyone that you can go up without staying there, but i wanted to give a try. At least we can ask them. Also, I wanted to go to the Pioneer Plaza Cattle Drive in downtown. I supposed to be at Viki's place by 1:30 p.m., but i couldn't make it on time. It was already 1 p.m. when I left, and after 10 minutes driving i realized that i didn't blow out the candle in the kitchen, so i had to make a u turn and drive home. When I left again, I stuck in traffic, there were a huge accident on the highway. Anyway, I got to Viki's place by 2:45 p.m. and from there we drove straight to W hotel. She was laughing on me that I want to ask.... I didn't really believe either that we can go up. However, it was our lucky day :) They let us to go in. They had a pool party, and it was for free for girls. :) We were so happy. I guess none of those people were excited about taking pictures of the view....lol

American Airlines Center

We got free "Vodka" glasses and some new kind of vodka shots...

I really enjoyed that few hours up there... Of course we "socialized" a bit haha....

After W hotel, we followed our plan and went to the Cattle Drive.... 

I was telling to Viki that imagine we are in NYC and this is the view from Central Park.... Hahah :) Dallas is our NYC <3

With our free glasses :)

It was so hard to climb up there....

Can't believe I spent almost two years all together in Dallas, but I haven't seen this cattle drive before...

I read in a Hungarian post that it is a kinda famous sculpture :)

Dallas glass pyramid's architect...

We finished our day with a nice dinner at The Rustic. I heard from more people about this place... It is a country restaurant with a big stage outside.... I liked this place. The ambiance was so pleasant. :) 

Such a long time i didn't have onion rings... :) If i remember good, i ate it last time in 2010 when i worked in Cyprus as a waitress for a season... Oh well, Cyprus.... it was a paradise.... it was an amazing experience in my early twenties....  <3

I not gonna see Viki for a month .... :( We spent a nice day in Dallas..... See you Viki on the very last day of July in Chicago!!!! <3

Second time in a row eating shrimp this weekend...

Our waiter was so nice, and he surprised us with a lemon pie dessert at the end... :)

The American flag was made from beer cans. I liked the idea of it. :)

Wood... like home in our backyards :)

Sunday night I slept at Viki's place. We went to bed late again. The night before I slept 4,5 hours and now 5,5. I had to wake up 6:30 a.m. Monday morning because Ryder's father called me Sunday that he wants to keep Ryder for an other day, and ask me if i can meet with him at 7:30 a.m. in a specific place, which is 30 minutes from my place and 30 minutes from Viki's place. That's why it was more convenient to sleep over at her place, so  on my way home I can get Ryder. 

Monday I worked maximum 1-2 hours. Tuesday was kind a same, because i got off after 1 p.m. Actually, i asked them before to let me go at 4 p.m., because I wanted to go jet-ski with Raj. It was kind a far lake from our home, called Joe Pool Lake. I really liked the area. I spent a nice Tuesday afternoon with him.

I love the way how he treats with me. He makes me to feel that I am a beautiful girl, and it is very important for a women i guess... :) I told him briefly my story with Sasha....After him, this is the first guy with who i feel comfortable.... Also, after him this is my longest date haha..... Usually after 2-3 dates I am done.... but we had more than 2-3 dates, and I am still interested..... and you know what.... each time we meet i am more interested.... I told him I don't want to rush, just let's go with the flow, and we will see what happens..... I don't like when after couple of dates you say girlfriend/boyfriend...... I want to take my time and don't rush into anything. Before introducing to my friends, I want to know him more.... and the same with his friends.... actually he invited me couple of weeks ago to go with him to his friend's party, but i refused the invitation. It seems he understands me.  was the first day that i had a feeling that I miss him.... And you know what.... my tear came out.... it came out because it was so nice to feel that i miss a boy again..... After my heart was broken last summer I didn't think I will be able to like someone again or to get close to someone again in the next few years.... So, it was not crying, it was just a happy tear :)

We were on the jet-ski for a while, after we walked around in the area..... Actually, I kinda scared for a bit because we flipped over. Luckily it was a shallow water and we didn't injure ourselves. By the way, all these jet ski was a messed up. He bought it from groupon, but never again from there... it was hard to find them, and the jet ski wasn't the best. When we wanted to enter the park, the lady who collects the park fees told us there is no jet ski rental over there. So, we didn't enter and tried to find them. After couple of phone calls, the guy told us that don't say to the lady at the entrance that they rental jet ski here just pay the entrance fee and go in.... I don't know, but it looked like something wasn't legal.... 

When we were driving around trying to find the guys with the jet ski, we passed this place.... We decided to come back here for dinner. It was a great idea. The food was delicious, and we really liked the nice surroundings.  Texas still can surprise  me. :) They have nice places around Dallas too, we just don't know about it. We need to discover it. :)

We were sitting there for a while.... Time flew so fast..... When we left the restaurant it was already 10 p.m. and our home was more than an hour drive away.

Truly, I had an awesome Tuesday afternoon with Raj! :)

Weekend is here again! Wish everyone a great time.... make it fabulous! :)




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  1. I can see myself in you regarding the money issue. Now I work in an american bank in luxembourg and I earn very well but I still check the prices whenever I buy something haha Sometimes I laugh at myself that for a few cents I go to another shop and walk like 20 mins just to buy that stuff cheaper haha but now im improving. But I think it will take time until I can be like all others.

    I loved ur post as always and let me just wish u good luck with your (very handsome) boyfriend :)


  2. Thanks Petra, I love reading your positive comments.
    Have a great week!