2014. június 23., hétfő

Weekends with my girls :)

Hi everyone! Let's see what happened the pass 2 weeks..... :) During the weekdays nothing special.... work... gym... work.... gym..... and of course pool. I am swimming with Ryder every day... what i don't mind at all.... it is good exercise plus I am getting tan every day :)

Tuesday i lost my favorite earring from Colombia..... but we found it Wednesday... I was so so happy for that! :) I was already thinking to text to Sara to bring a new one when she comes back to Dallas from Colombia....

Wednesday night, I went with Firas to the movie theather.... We watched The Neighbors.... It was a funny comedy. I liked it. However, the movie was from 10:30 p.m. and by the time it was over I became super sleepy.... Next time, I will not watch movie this late for sure.... Also, I was freezing.... America likes Air Conditioner a lot.... Outside is super hot, but if i go inside somewhere I am freezing. I had a long sleeves top, but I was with shorts..... Next time I will put on a lot of clothes :)

Sometimes I like to wear my glasses :)

Getting ready for Chicago trip.... I just made some notes about the attractions that we must see.... I checked my friend blog from Chicago, and I became so excited after reading it and seeing the pictures again.... We will have a lot of fun over there I am pretty sure. Oh, yes.... and I found accommodation from Couch surfing website. He lives 20-25 minutes from Downtown with train.... and 15 minutes walk from the beach. He seems a nice guy, he is an ESL teacher..... Also, he has a lot of positive comments, so I feel more comfortable to stay with him. It is gonna be Viki's first couch-surfing experience. She worries a bit.... but I will prove her everything gonna work out well. I would tell to my real parents that i couch surf, but i would not say it to my host parents. I don't want them to worry about me. :)

Wednesday morning my host dad and Thursday morning my host mom left to Austin for some bike rides. I stayed with the kids, however i dropped them off Friday after 1 p.m. at Granny's. I drove straight to my college from there, and i registered for the fall semester. I was so happy because I need to go to college just on Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 a.m till 2 p.m. I know, Amanda wanted me to go from 9 a.m., but I couldn't make it. There were just two options either at 8 a.m  or at 7. p.m. I didn't tell her yet..... 

I will take just one mandatory class at this fall, the other three are my major classes which are the travel and hospitality. The first adviser with who I talked was really nice, she was from Ukraine, and her name was Viktoria. Just like my Ukranian friend, Viki. :) When she saw what classes I am going to take, she realized her best friend will be my teacher for two classes.... Her name is Berg, and she is an adviser as well. She wanted to introduce me to her, but she couldn't find her at that time.... Anyway, after registration I went to the Test center, because i wanted to take the Computer Literacy Test. It is a stupid test about file management, basic concepts, word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentations, information and communication.... You have to make 60 % from each section. I didn't pass it. :( I was pretty sure i can't pass it, but wanted to try... at least i know what kind of question they have. It was pretty hard for me. Especially the Spreadsheets and Databases. I have one more chance to pass it.... If i can't, I must take the class.... i don't want to take it because of my time and also the money. It would cost $ 460 plus the book around $ 100. I try to study for it in the next two weeks, and if I can't pass it, I will register for this class for the Summer II semester. Of course I can do it just online, since I promised to my hosts I not gonna take summer classes. It is better to do it now, than at fall when i gonna have more classes. After I finished the test, I went back to the adviser center... I wanted explanation about this silly test that how it works and so on.... I don't know why this college need it.... my friends don't need to take it in other colleges.... At this time, the adviser was the lady who is going to be my teacher. It was so nice to talk with her.... It seems I gonna have a good relationship with her.... We talked about everything..... How I ended up in Dallas and so on.... She has Bulgarian origin in her blood :) I already know two of my teachers out of three. I like both of them. :)

I spent a lot of time in the college, so i didn't have time for gym, because i invited Viki and Gulnaz to sleep over, and I wanted to cook something.... It was not a big meal..... just was thinking I should make something small for the girls... so I tried to do something from what we had at home....

At home we use a delicious sausage for this meal.... but now i had to replace it with something else... :D 

The girls really liked it.... :)

After dinner we decided to go to the nearest pub for a drink. Nothing special.... just wanted to go out of the house. Gulnaz didn t really want to go out.... recently she doesn't want to go to pub or club.... Before we left, the girls got excited of the Lamborghini and they wanted picture with it.... so we took couple of....

We didn't stay long.... only for 1,5 hours.... but we had fun... as always :) We were laughing a lot.... 

Two guys were standing next to us... they were smoking..... Gulnaz really wanted a cigarette.... and I also felt that I would share one with her... haha. So we decided to ask those guys to give us one... but we were too shy to go there and ask for one cigarette..... All three of us started to look at them, so they realized so quick we want something..... haha.... :) We were so silly.... laughing a lot.... but that laugh worth everything.... Gulnaz and I were telling to Viki that she just needs to say "excuse me" and when they come over we will continue... :) It worked and we got cigarette....  :) 

We left at midnight.... Gulnaz went straight to bed, she was very sleepy. Viki was hungry, so I warmed up the potatoes that we left from dinner.... We were eating and talking till 2 a.m. I like those girlish conversations. :)

Saturday morning, Viki supposed to leave at 8:15 a.m. because she wanted to do skydiving with her friend.... Her appointment was later, but her friend's appointment was in the morning. She and Gulnaz slept in my room, why I slept in the guest room, downstairs. I woke up at 7:50 a.m. to make her breakfast and coffee by the time she comes downstairs. :) When she came down I surprised she is still in pajamas haha... The company canceled the sky diving because it was windy.... Actually we were happy for that because we didn't need to rush... we could have a coffee and breakfast... :) Also, she could calm down.... she was so nervous about it.... I can understand it. I would never try skydiving, and she will do it in solo. After 9 a.m., I went to wake Gulnaz up because I had to pick up the kids at 11 a.m. from Granny and before I had to take Gulnaz home. 

We celebrated Ryder's birthday on Saturday. His actual birthday was 2 days later.... but I gave my gift to him when we got home from Granny... before the party....  Amanda got home by noon from Austin, so we went all together to Jump Street where the party was....

Eten, Warren's son's stepson.... 

Ryder's little friends....

When we got home from the party... Warren was home.... He supposed to come on Sunday.... Anyway, Alex got into trouble because she left her room very messy before she went to Granny's on Friday. But there were an other thing..... He realized someone touched his car..... He didn't say anything to me.... Amanda came and ask me, if I know who touched all around the Lamborghini. Of course, I told right away that it was me and the girls. Gulnaz kind a sit in the front, and you could see the prints of her butt and hands.... I went to check the car, and it was full of prints everywhere.... I felt terrible. He takes a very good care of his cars.... I knew, the kids can't play close to it and so on... but i didn't think about I do something wrong with those pictures. I think he became more upset because of sitting on it.... It may sound silly for us.... but it was a big deal for him..... but you know what, I understand him because it was a very expensive car and he worked a lot for it. I should think about it before.... those silly pictures didn't worth the feeling what I had to experience... still i feel so uncomfortable because of this car thing..... Seriously, i was crying so bad Saturday when Amanda told me how seriously he takes this ...... I saw, she felt sorry for me..... she quickly said I am off, and go enjoy your Saturday evening..... I called Viki, and I left to meet up with her at the outlet mall.... she was hungry, so we headed to Panera Bread... one of my favorite place to eat salad and broccoli cream soup... However, now i wasn't hungry.... 

I had a free birthday pastry and coffee, so I just used those coupons before it would expire. While sitting there, I text-ed to Warren, I tried to apologize... He replied that he accepts my apology and let's put this behind us, however he was very disappointed. He added to the message that overall he is very happy with me and I am like part of the family. After reading the message, I just started to cry so bad again.... I always want to be perfect..... and if something happens like this one.... I feel terrible.... Couple of days passed since that time.... but still feel uncomfortable in front of him...... He didn't say or mention anything about that afterwards..... and he acts like nothing happened.... he is still nice with me... :) 

After dinner we went to uptown.... it was early... we were there at 9 p.m., but i didn't care.... it was the second time i drove there by myself at night.... when we go to uptown usually the guys pick me up.... We were laughing a lot again.... 

From this picture this song comes to my mind: "My babe came down from Romania, she was a queen of Transylvania...."  just because we had a funny scene.... they asked where we are from.... and we said both of us from Romania.... than Transylvania.... and so on..... Sometimes Viki also says she is from Romania...... haha

This fu**ing shoes..... i will never again want to wear it....It was so unconfortable. I wore it in Miami last time I guess .....

Sunday afternoon I drove to Addison, to Vova's place..... We wanted to hang out at his apartment complex pool. We had a lot of fun. We were fighting with the water guns..... and laughing a lot. :) Two nice older lady came there with music... we were so happy for the music, so we could dance as well ... :) haha

Hot Dog with mayonnaise.... Haha.... Few days ago, I saw a post about silly girls making pictures about their legs at the pool from a wrong angle, and it looks like a hot dog.... .....  I couldn't stand to take one.... haha.... I was laughing so bad before the picture, when I told to the guys that I gonna make hotdogs.... they thought I am crazy :) 

Pool fight :)

Crazy faces :)

Jumping :)

Being silly :)

On my way back I stoped by Chadi's house..... He and Firas were watching the word cup... I joined them for a bit, but not because of the soccer..... I am not that interested in these sports... 

Weekends fly so fast..... and I am always tired every Sunday evening haha :) I never get tired with my work during the week.... but somehow weekends make me tired :) 

Monday we went to get some ice cream with my host family at 9 p.m..... all of  us.... I surprised because it was the first time we went out all together..... :) Oh, well, maybe it happened because it was Ryder's birthday :) Anyway this Cheesecake Strawberry Blizzard was so so delicious..... I really loved it. My host mom recommended this flavor. :) The place was close to my gym, and we were laughing that every night i should go to gym and stop by this place to give a treat to myself... haha. About gym.... recently i go just once per day haha.... in the beginning I was so excited, and I went back in the evening again... haha

My sister, her partner and my little nephew..... I miss them so much!

Somehow, I didn't notice this flower for days.... and I passed it every day..... 

Oh, well.... I want to tell you something...  I am on a dating website.... It may sound crazy.... especially for people back home..... haha.... I am still shy to tell someone that I have a profile....  It is normal here.... but not for us.... Anyway, sometimes i talk with couple of guys, but I really need to force myself to reply and so on.... So, I met up with a guy Tuesday evening, we just grabbed a frozen yogurt.... I was so afraid to meet with him in person.... I mean I was not afraid of him, I was afraid of the situation because i hate all this dating websites... but at the same time I feel I need to try it..... We were talking for 2,5 hours, and I was laughing a lot... I really love when someone can make me laugh... that's the most important thing for me. I don't like boring guys. So, I had fun with him... I already knew when I left that i want to see him again.... 

I should get a T-shirt like this :)

On my way home from the gym.... 

Thursday very early morning my host family left to Galveston.... They came home on Monday afternoon..... So, I was by myself for couple of days... However, it was easy because Ryder was with me just on Thursday and Friday till 5:30 p.m. He spent the weekend at his dad's house.... I had to pick him up on Sunday at 5 p.m. So literally, I had two days off. Alex left to Grandma before my host family left.... she stayed there for the entire weekend. 

Thursday afternoon we went to Dave and Buster's.... He loves that place..... :)


Friday morning I am already tanning ... :) I enjoy so much to sit outside with my coffee in the morning....  Ryder wakes up kind a late.... so i have a few hours in the morning by myself.... I like that morning silence :)

And finally I could talk with couple of friends on viber and skype....

After Ryder woke up, we went to Lifetime Fitness. I don't have membership here.... It is too expensive for me... I used my host family's pass. It was the first time in Lifetime, and I really liked that place. I was reading, tanning.... but also i was playing with him on the slides half a time.... 

Lunch :) 

When we got home from lifetime we had 30 min to get ready for his Dad.... I dropped him off, and drove back fast, because Viki was waiting for me in front of the house :)

The sun was still shinning, so we could hang out at the pool....

We had couple of ice cream.... This is one of my favorite brands :)

I did an other potato dish haha... we ate two weekends in a row... 

We had a nice evening together... talking a lot..... however I left her alone at 10 p.m. I felt kind a sorry for this..... but she is such a great friend so she understood the situation... :) The thing was that I wanted to see Ray, the guy with who I met few days ago... He left Dallas Saturday morning for the weekend, so Friday night was the only chance to see him.... and I wanted to see him.... :) I am kind a excited about him.... but i am afraid this feeling will not be long.... because after a few dates I never want anything except friendship from the guy.... .... so I am afraid this is going to happen again. Anyway, let's wait a few more days and we will see what is going to happen at this time.... :) We went to Ipic theater, it is 10 minutes away from my place.... and I never heard about it before....I really liked that theater.... you can have food, drinks inside... the chairs are big and comfortable.... Also, there are a nice bar and restaurant , pool table and so on... so if you don't want to watch a movie, you can still hang out there..... We grabbed a cocktail and went to see 22 Jump Street. It was such a great comedy. We were laughing a lot. He wanted to get ticket to the chairs, where u can lie down and they give you a blanket + pillow, but it was full booked.... Anyway, I had a fun night with him.

22 Jump Street

I didn't see the first part, but I definitely want to watch it....

My mom sent me these photos about my nephews... I am so proud of my mom because she learned how to use the iPod that i sent home..... She started to take pictures and make videos after 4 months having it... :)

My little pumpkins :)

Saturday morning we had breakfast with Viki and than she left to the place where she can do the skydiving... such a brave girl :) I would never try that.... I went to gym, since i skipped it from Thursday and Friday... I met with that guy from Hawaii there.... it is so nice when i hear somebody is calling my name..... :) 

After gym I was about to get into the car when i realized that paper.... I scared for a moment that I got an other ticket. I was already thinking what i did wrong at this time.... But luckily it was just an advertisement. :)

I spent Saturday afternoon with Gulnaz and Vova.... Gulnaz asked me to give her a ride to Frisco at 7:30 p.m. So, I went earlier, we had lunch together..... after that we went to the Frisco mall where I used to hang out every weekend during my Au-Pair year .... she wanted to buy some stuff... i wasn't interested in mall at all.... I really try to not spend that much money on clothes.... sometimes i can do it for 2-3 weeks, but it is SO hard, because I love shopping! The other thing is I don't like to spend time in shopping mall when I am with friends.... I can do shopping by myself and actually i do enjoy it better if i am alone.... anyway when i can be with my friends i would rather sit in a park than be in a mall... i always get head ache from mall.... At this time I took her there, since she doesn't have a car.... but all in other situations I try to suggest to do something else haha...

Vova gave us a ride from front of the shopping mall to the back... where I parked.... 

After mall, I took Gulnaz to Frisco for a job interview.... that house was very close to the area where we both lived 2 years ago.... After that I dropped her off and drove back because Viki was already at the house, waiting for me.... :) Finally, she could jump.... So proud of her doing this skydiving.... At night we went out with friends to McFadden.. It is a very simple bar, where people come with flip-flops.... Viki was planning to go to Gloria's that night, which is a Latino dance club.... so that's why she brought this red dress..... We changed on the plan, and she didn't have other clothes for going out.... I was in the mood for something comfortable, shorts+sandals.... but because of her I also put high heels and dress on... haha

I like his T-shirt a lot :)

After McFadden, we ended up in a hookah place.... It was almost empty, but we didn't care :) I got so sleepy when we got there, but after a big mug of coffee i was in dancing mood again :)

On the way back we just wanted to drop Laith off but somehow we stuck there..... We watched a movie and had some snack.... I fall asleep in the movie.... woke up at 5 a.m.... the guys were still talking.... I was so sleepy and whining a lot... This happens if i sleep just an hour.... We went to bed at 6 a.m with Viki..... I don't like to stay out till that late, because next day I am sleepy, tired and so on....

We wanted to tan Sunday afternoon, but unfortunately it was rainy.... However we jumped into the pool, swim a little bit, than try the hot tub..... We made the best out from a rainy Sunday afternoon. :)

After 4 p.m Viki left because I had to pick Ryder up at 5 p.m. Before that i ran into Khol's to get a white sandal, because the dog ruined my old one a few days ago. I really missed that one, since I don't have any other white shoes... I wanted to stay away from stores, but white sandal was a mandatory :)

Back in Europe, I didn't like dogs.... I mean, I didn't have any problem with them, but I would not go and pet them.... The first dog I loved was Coco, she was Sasha's dog. But now, these dogs melted my heart again.... They like to lay down on me :)

I didn't have heart to wake him up :)

I wish an awesome week to everyone!
I will be back soon!

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    1. Sajnalom.... Nem tudok mast mit mondani.... Neha angolul jon hogy irjak neha meg magyarul..... ez vagyok en :)

  2. I just loved it and I didnt even recognised that it was in English haha until I read the first comment :D