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Love being spontaneous .... New Orleans here we are!

Na hello mindenki!
Oszinten annyira lusta vagyok mostonaban blogot irni. Mostmar nincs suli amire fogjam :) megse szakitok idot erre.... bizom benne, hogy csak azert unom ennyire mert levagyok szinte egy honappal maradval..... igy most eroltetnem kell magam, hogy irjak, hogy erjem utol mar vegre magam. :) 

I like to be spontaneous, and I love road trips.... I didn't know anything about New Orleans, and I didn't even look for any attraction or so on.... When I plan a trip, I usually make some research about the attractions what a must see in that specific city; however, I did not do it at this time.... Anyway, I knew Max would not be that interested to visit the famous cemeteries and historic places over there.... 

I was at his place at 9 a.m; however, we didn't leave till 1 p.m. He had some stuff to do, we had to rent a car, and also we wasted some time having breakfast, coffee and so on.... I promised to him I gonna drive half way..... After he drove for 3,5 hours, I offered him to drive.... After 30 minutes driving, the weather became so bad. It started to rain heavily. I could barely see, and I was kinda scared to drive in that weather. We were on a long bridge, and I couldn't stop to change. Finally, after 15 minutes, I could stop somewhere, and we quickly could change seat. So, my whole driving was just 45 minutes.... At least he could eat while I was driving.  

We bought some rice with lamb before we left Dallas.... I didn't really want..... but later on I realized it was a great idea because I got so hungry and we didn't want to stop for lunch/dinner.....  

Poor horse....


Because of the weather conditions, we got to New Orleans at 9:30. It was 8,5 hours driving to get there from Dallas.... And poor Max had to drive all the way down there..... I would be more than happy to drive if it wouldn't rain that bad.... We checked in quickly, and left to French quarter to find some restaurant.... we were hungry again by this time.... When we left our accommodation, it was still raining so bad and I was thinking about to return, since i was so afraid.....  There was a large amount of water on road, and some roads were already closed due to flood..... We saw couple of cars stuck in the water..... I really wanted to go back..... but Max tried to calm me down.... :)

We dined at Oceana, which is on Bourbon Street ... the food was great. 

It seemed there are other crazy people too who went out that night in that weather.... 

Can you believe two of these homeless people had sex over there? We were heading to the garage to get our car .... ..... when we passed them Max realized two boys are kissing each other.....They were next to the garage entrance. When we came out with the car, they were having sex. It was disgusting. Seriously, they had sex on the road where other people walking by.....I will never forget that scene.... After that I understood why New Orleans is a crazy place.....

We were super tired when we got back to the hotel.... Next day we woke up early. I was glad because Max doesn't like to sleep till late....and me either. Especially if I am on a trip for a few days, I need to get up early and go to see the city. :)


Jackson Square 

Having fun..... :) Actually, the owner seemed super mad of him..... it was written don't touch and he sat on it haha.... but after Max bought a chandelier for $ 1000 in this store he calmed down right away :)

This guy is crazy about cloths. As I told you before, I never saw that many suit and shoes in every color in someone's closet. His closet is incredible. He bet the girls. Anyway, he had to buy a few Italian suits as well....

Walking at French Quarter

The line in front of the restaurant.....it was the same in front of Oceana where we went to eat the night before....

If you have a friend like Max, you can't just pass in front of a store like this..... He is super crazy about art...

Sometimes it was raining a little bit Saturday as well, but it was not that bad.... we could walk around French Quarter all day long.... :)

I liked New Orleans. I didn't expect I gonna like it that much....


The famous New Orleans beignet.... if u go to New Orleans it is a must eat... :) It reminded me to my mom's deserts.... she makes something very similar to this. It was so yummy. In this restaurant you could find this beignet at every single table... :) 

I enjoyed sitting there and listening jazz music.... You could hear jazz music from every restaurant/bar....The birthplace of jazz is New Orleans. 

All day long just eating and eating...haha

My first time eating craw fish. It looked disgusting, but it was delicious... :)

Guess what is this drink? :)


OMG, we spent hours sitting at this spot.... It was a great view for people watching. We were laughing  a lot. So many crazy people passed by.... We were having fun while sitting over there.... Unfortunately i don't have good video..... when i saw something really crazy it was too late to tape it ...lol 


Nem volt kulonosebb uticelunk, csak felultunk egyre azt a vegallomasnal atultunk egy masikra... :)

...cable car...

French Market

Befizettunk valami hajo tour ra, amikor meg beszallas lett volna kozoltek, hogy mechanic gondok vannak a hajoval, igy a kikotoben marad, de vacsi meg a jazz zene az lessz..... mi meg ezt igy nem akartuk, akkor inkabb vissza mentunk a French Quarter re vacsizni. :)

Ez a Max olyan hulye.... leallitotta ezt a csajt, hogy en szeretnek egy kepet vele..... persze ez nem igy volt, de mindegy..... Ugy erzem neha jot tessz ez a Maxxel logas, mert o olyan laza.....gyerekkent viselkedunk egyutt.... neha en meg nem tudom elengedni magam, tulsagosan komoly vagyok ... szokta is mondogatni, hogy lazuljak mar..... :)

Bohockodunk :)

Ezt a rozsaszin tollas micsodat meg is tartottam magamnak..... igy legalabb en is elvegyultem az emberek kozott... haha.... hanem tul normalisnak tuntem volna.... :D Nah de amikor haza ertunk es leszedtem magamrol vettem eszre, hogy a feher felsom csupa rozsaszin... meg a melltartom is...... 

Aligatort is ettunk :)

A kaja Isteni volt New Orleans-ba... komolyan eddig Amerikabban ott ettem a legjobb kajakat...... Egyebkent ezen a vacsin halalra nevettem magam.... Max egy kicsit tipsy volt amikor rendelni kellett.... valmit nagyon elnezett es csak egy csirke salatat rendelt. O azt hitte, hogy barany valami grillezett zoldseggel..... nem tudom mit nezett el ennyire az etlapon. En csodalkoztam is hiszen soha nem lattam ot salatat rendelni.... a masik meg, hogy most New Orleansba nemar, hogy csirket rendelne, azt Dallasban is megkapja.....en nem is mondtam semmit, csak megkerdeztem, hogy ez biztosan eleg lessz neki? Amikor kihoztak a kajat, meg is lepodott hogy mi ez a salata..... azt mondtam neki, hogy nem tevedtek, o tenyleg ezt rendelte..... Nah de a poen, hogy ette a csirket es azt hitte, hogy baranyt eszik..... ez nagyon viccesen hangzik, tudom..... egyszer mondja nekem, hogy kostoljam meg a baranyt..... hat en ugy elkezdtem nevetni a barany szo hallatara, hogy nem birtam abba hagyni.... mondom neki, hogy ez 100% nem barany..... o meg erositi, hogy de az, mert o azt rendelt..... Vegig ugy nevettem, hogy mar fajt a hasam... Mar a szomszed asztalok is minket neztek.... aztan egyik akkor helyet foglalo vendegtol el is kerte az etlapot par masodpercre, hogy csekkoljuk le mit is rendelt..... Hat ezt a barany storyt azota is sokat emlegetjuk..... mindig nevetesre fakadok ha eszembe jut az egesz jelenet..... 







Ez szornyu hogy ilyen helyen egy kereszttel Istenrol beszelnek....


Max olyan faradt volt, hogy mar allni sem birt..... nem szokott hozza az egesz napi setahoz..... azota is emlegeti, hogy I made him to walk from morning till night :)

Ez a szallasunk.... vasarnap reggel keszitettem par fotot mielott kijelentkeztunk......

A reggelink csak is a beignet lehetett <3

Ezen a vasarnap volt anyak napja itt....igy irtam Amandanak.... Jol esik amikor latom, hogy ok is szeretnek :)

The last lunch in New Orleans....

...and on our way back it started to rain again..... so he drove the whole way again..... He drove very fast.....sometimes I was kind a scared..... but we made it back safe. It took 7,5 hours at this time..... We had a little argument on the way back about my major. As you know, i will study Travel and Hospitality from fall. He got kind a upset why i don't chose a better major like in medical or business field. He is a business man btw..... Actually, my family from back home also told me I should choose something better.... but at the end they understood that s what I want to do..... I don't want to choose a major just because it can bring a lot of money.... I want to choose something that I would enjoy to do..... So our point of view about what I should study was different.... I know if i would study for example nurse it would be easier to fix my paper and stay here later on..... but now i get back to the same point that i don't want to choose a major because of my paper........ I love travelling and i love hospitality and I believe I can be successful even in this field. I don't care what others say about this. This is what I want to do and that's all. :) Anyway, we both were so tired when we got back to Dallas, and we had to take the car back to the rental place....I got home after midnight. I had to wake up early but the good thing is I didn't have school next day. I was so happy for that because i had to catch up with my to do list.... i had a lot of homework and so on... I was afraid i can't do everything on time. That coming week was the last week from spring semester and i had final exams as well.... But you know how I am.... Even if I have lot's of homework i would not stay home and miss fun haha.... :D I always try to make time for both, even if it is a bit tough :) Next day i had to study from 8 am till 3 pm till I had to start to work....and I continued from 7:00 pm till midnight. I was kind a tired but it was worth it because I had lot of fun in New Orleans. 

As usual, I always get a T-shirt and magnet from the city that I visited.... :)


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