2014. május 23., péntek

Sunday-Funday, Happy Birthday to Me

Majus elso hetvegejevel folytatom.... szombaton megint a kozeli tohoz mentunk a baratokkal.... semmi nagy nincs annal a tonal, nem is szep a park........de 10 percre van csak tollem es a fiuktol is.... ezuttal Sara es Keri is csatlakozott hozzank. Mar emlitettem, de azert ujra megjegyzem, hogy Keri egy Amerikai lany es o Chadi baratnoje :)

Mindenki mas motorral jott..... en autoval csatlakoztam hozzuk.... vittem takarot, meg egy ket inni valot aminek a tobbiek nagyon orultek :)

Azon a szombat este Alejandraval meg az osztalytarsaival logtam....ok Torokok :)

Vasarnapra meg Maxxel volt ebed megbeszelve......

Igyekszem a talalkozo helyszinere :)

Talan mar egy honapja nem lattam ot, igy jol esett par oran keresztul egyutt logni, nevetni....

Later on Selam, one of Max's friends, joined to us... she is a doctor also from Ethiopia....

Enjoying Mimosa :)

I like uptown Dallas..... When I am there, i feel it is a bit like Europe.... I see people walking on the street at least :) 

Now Hanan gives me a ride.... after she got her car, one day she gave me a ride and next day i did.... so we could save up gas :) She used to bring me some sandwiches as well... :) How kind she is ... :)

My birthday was on Wednesday... I really enjoyed it; however, i didn't do anything special.... Even Google "celebrated" me haha.... :) In the first minute when i saw it, i was thinking what a hell..... after i realized it is because i was signed in ... haha I got a lot of coupons and rewards from different stores for my birthday.... free car wash, $5.00 coupon from Khols, free coffee from Starbucks, free birthday pastry from Panera Bread, free Calvin Klein mascara from Ulta... and so on... :)

My host family forgot about my birthday.... I was not upset because of that.... It is not that big deal.... and I really didn't want to do any party or anything like that.... but at the same time I couldn't believe they forgot because Amanda asked me couple of times when I got here when my birthday is... anyway, I didn't mention anything... I didn't want to make her feel embarrassed because none of them said Happy Birthday... That evening, my Hungarian friend, Gabor, texted me that if i have time and mood we can grab a cheesecake... After receiving all those pictures with cakes for my birthday all day long, I was totally in to eat some dessert... and cheesecake is one of my favorites... :) So, we met up at Cheesecake Factory.... He told to the waitress it is my Birthday, so everyone was singing the Birthday song.... It was a little surprise. :)

So, I ate a slice of cake at least :)

Gabor haven't been at Watters Creek before, so I was showing him around...

I got that coming weekend off... because the passed weekend my host family was travelling for 3 days and they had an other trip the week after for 5 days... That means I was with the kids by myself  for those days... I felt i want to get out of Dallas for the whole weekend. I told to Max that I am off Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and he was totally in to get out of Dallas with me... haha.. Anyway he wanted to take me somewhere for my birthday.... Since January, he mentioned Hawaii a couple of times.... but I ended up with New Orleans because it was a short notice, so we couldn't get a ticket there.... and anyway if i can go to Hawaii one day, I want to spend a week there and not just 3 days haha :) So we decided to rent a car and drive all the way down to New Orleans.... He doesn't like driving, and he doesn't even drive to Austin, which is just 3 hours away....  but he wanted to make my birthday special... and this was my wish since i haven't been in New Orleans before.... 

So, Friday morning i dropped my host kid off at her school, and I drove straight to Max's place... New Orleans was waiting for us!

.... I will continue soon..... Need to run to Zumba class again... haha :D

Have an awesome weekend everyone!

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