2016. január 7., csütörtök

Finally I am back :)

Hello everyone,

Here I am again from my lovely Dallas, Texas. However it is not always as lovely as I mention because we have often tornados here which always freaks me out. The last one was one day after Christmas. 12 miles away from my apartment complex. 8 people died many houses destroyed.

Anyway, let's do a little update here since I didn't write anything from August and I guess many of you are curious what is going on with me here....

First of all, I believe I mentioned that I moved together with my friends in a 3 bedrooms apartment that I absolutely lovely it. This way of living here in America is totally differ from an Au-Pair life. If now someone would tell me I have to leave with a family for 3 whole months I would die. LOL.... Really. It would be so so hard for me after all. But you know what I am still grateful for my Au-Pair year here because that step lead me towards all this that I have now in this city.

Probably there is not too much to love in Dallas but for me it means everything. This is the city in America where I had/have so much fun, happiness, sadness, crying and depressed days, relationship failure, adventure, success, homesick and where I found love for the second time haha :) Love, yes I totally fall in love with Eymard, the boy whom I barely liked a year ago. In a year we grow together and now every day that I don't spend with him is not a complete day. I am so lucky that I found a partner like him. He is so understanding, helpful, kind, polite and weird haha. He is my weird musician but I could totally accept his weirdness. He always calms me down which is awesome because i can get upset of things that I can't fix. A year ago I was just dreaming that one day I will meet with a men like him. I so much appreciate him and love him forever. For our one year anniversary I got a very special gift from him.... 

... an engagement ring :)

I knew he will do this step someday but i didn't know when. Back than I thought you need to date with someone for a few years before making such a decision but now my though about it is the opposite. For our anniversary we did something small, it was a road trip to San Antonio. We stayed there for a night.... 

Texas De Brazil - His favorite restaurant

We stopped by Lake Travis  in Austin on our way. I love the view from that restaurant. Every time we drive that way I want to have lunch/dinner there.

This is a very happy girl right there!!! :))

So I will become soon Dalma Furtado :) 

I still look at my ring a lot but in the first week I couldn't stop starring at it. 

After our engagement our lives got a bit crazy. We had to decide when we want to get married. We still debating on the date but at least we know that we want to do this in June. We are working on some paperwork now for the church wedding. Waiting on some document what my parish issued at home, my mom put it in mail since they need the original one. We will have the wedding in the same church where Eymard plays every Sunday and where we both went even before knowing each other. We have to do a preparation class, hopefully we can do it in the last weekend of January. 

We decided to not do a reception just a wedding and a dinner. It is so expensive to get a venue and do a big party. It doesn't worth it for us, especially because my family can't be here. But we will do a reception back home in Transylvania in 2017. That is the plan.

I already bough fly ticket to go home in May with Eymard. I am so excited to take him home. I am so curious how he will like my country. We will stay for four days in Hungary for a week in Romania and for 5 days we go to Paris and the French Riviera. That is going to be our honeymoon. Yes before the wedding lol. Hopefully just one or two weeks before the wedding.  When we get back we want to get married and after we want to apply for my temporary green card. 

There are so many things we need to do and I am already afraid how busy I will be when school starts in 2 weeks. Working 60 hours a week, being full time student is not easy. Now i have time every evening to cook something but when school starts i can forget about having time for cooking.
School goes well, I will graduate in the fall. I got three scholarships in the past year which was $5000 all together and it covered my fall semester and the upcoming spring semester. I am so grateful for that help. It meant a lot. 

In end of march I want to move together with Eymard, I ned to find someone to take over my room, otherwise I will end up to pay two rents for 3.5 months. 

Eymard's birthday is on the 24th of December so we celebrating everything together :)

I love his family :)

My mother-in-law to be :)

Take care everyone... I passed my bedtime here...... When I know dates and more details about our wedding day i will let you all know.

Hugs <3 <3 <3


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  1. Gratu csajszi!!! Megérdemled! :)

    Hány éves Eymard? :) Szakáll nélkül annyira fiatalnak tűnik :)))

    1. Koszonom szepen! Eymard 36 eves :) Szereti ha fiatalabbnak nezik :)

  2. Jajj de jo :) gratulálok ! Sok boldogságot nektek !!!! S ha elobb nem is de esküvő utan irni nekunk ;) addig is jövök minden másnál hátha írtál :)) puszi Londonból

  3. Dalma, gratulálok!!!! Köszönöm, hogy írtál, mindig jó hallani felőled! ^.^

    1. Orulok, hogy irtal es mint latod meg mindig veled vagyunk :)

    2. Kedvesek vagytok lanyok! Koszonom szepen a sok pozitiv hozzaszolast! :)

  4. Kedves Dalma, irasaid megritkultak amit nem is csodalok ha ennyire porog az elet, orommel olvastam a fb oldaladon, hogy megtalaltad a parod aki boldogga tesz.Mint mar tobbszor irtam ,Te egy csodalatos lany vagy, tiszta szivbol kivanom hogy olyan eleted legyen amilyet elkepzeltel magadnak.NAGYON SOK BOLDOGSAGOT KIVANOK NEKETEK! sok puszi Hedi

    1. Koszonom szepen Hedi. Viszont kivanok neked is minden jot! :)

  5. Nem irsz par honapig, aztan mit latok ? :)
    Nagyon nagyon orulok aboldogsagodnak, es irj majd eskuvo utan :)
    Szuper !!!

    Minket epp most hagyott el a parom 9 honapos kisbabammal, ugyhogy jo ilyet olvasni, hogy lehet meg talalni valakit .
    Sok boldogsagot!
    Agi Londonbol

    1. Agi nagyon sajnalom! Tudom, hogy ez nem lehet konnyu, foleg egy kisbabaval, de kitartas es bizz benne hogy ujra rad talal a szerelem. Ha O elhagyott titeket, akkor a Jo Isten nem ot szanta neked. Jonni fog egy masik tars csak elobb atkell szenvedned ezt az idoszakot. Valahogy en is igy voltam Sasha szakitassa utan. Kegyetlenul fajt, de most igy vissza nezvel a szenvedes megerte minden percet mert utanna egy igazi partnerre talaltam.