2015. február 22., vasárnap

New year, new life.... I love my American Dream

Hi everyone,

Sorry for disappearing. Believe me, I miss writing my blog a lot. I wish i would be able to update more frequently. Even tho I barely have time to breath I decided to give you an update since i was getting e-mails and messages for not posting, which is always nice, since I love to see that I have readers who are curious about "My American Dream."

So, I started the new year with a new life... with many many changes. I was still in Romania when i started to talk with potential families about nanny positions. I got back on Saturday midnight but Sunday at 10 am i had my first interview. I met with three families in 1,5 days, and on my second day back to Dallas I already started to work. I mean from Monday afternoon. It was super easy to find a nanny job. All three family wanted me, so I had the chance to pick the best one. Haha.

Words cant explain how happy I am with the current family. I work now from Monday till Thursday from 3;15 pm till 8:00 or 8:30 pm. I will need to start going on Fridays as well from late March. They are a super nice Indian family. I love how the parents raise their children. OMG it is way different how it was in my previous families. I love to see that there are still parents out there who pays that much attention on their children and their behavior. They are super polite with me, even the children. Finally, I feel appreciated by the children too. I try to do my best and do fun stuff with them. I would willing to do anything with my previous host kids as well, but they were simply too spoiled and didn't like to do anything.  Oh yeah, and everybody calls me Miss Dalma. Except the little 3 years old boy. he gave me a nickname Miss Damo. :) Oh yeah so there are three kids: one 3 years old boy, 6 years old girl, 8 years old boy. The funny thing is that the oldest boy goes to the same school where Ryder went. They live 7 minutes away from me and it makes my life easier a bit since i dont have to drive a lot to get there. The parents each day mention that how much i help them and how lucky they are that i joined to their family. Seriously, it makes me super happy. I definitely enjoy my time there, and it is not like a job at all. Of course it is good to get paid for it haha.

She gave me this stickers after the first week.... how sweet she is...

I need to braid her hair every night before i leave their house...

Just a note from the mom... it was on the first week I started to work for them:)

Saturday, Sunday I work for another family as a nanny. They wanted me as full time, but i chose the Indian family. Over there are two kids. A 2 years old little girl plus a 6 years old boy. They live like 30 minutes away. They are nice too, but it is not that easy with the kids than with the Indian kids. 

I got a paid internship for part time at IREM, Institute of Real Estate Management. It gave me a head ache in the beginning, because i had to do many paperwork, nothing was clear.... but finally i got my working authorization, but just till end of May, since I do this internship as a training class. So i work at this office  every Monday and Wednesday 5 hours each. I love the location of it, it is in a very nice office building. I enjoy so much going to work dressed up as a professional. LOL. I work with two amazing woman, who literally took me under their wings. They are getting memberships for me to different associations and involving me in every luncheon, happy hours or any other event. Every week we have different meetings at the office with different teams, so they make me to sit and listen to the meetings that i love. I know these two ladies just since three weeks, but seriously i love them. Last time we met they almost made me cry with their kindness. They really want me to not be here with a student visa and trying to find out what they can do for me, but it is not that easy how they think. The thing is they cant hire me full time now anyway. Even knowing that they cant do anything right now it is super nice to see that how much they care about me and try to find out the options i could have. What i need to do there is office work, updating websites, assembling information for weekly newsletter, creating badges, going to luncheon, registration... contacting their members for verifying their current information and so on. I am not great in it yet, but i so want to learn, so i do everything i can. 

What else to share?

Oh I am dating with a Brazilian guy from end of December. He is a very decent guy, who has many patience with me, because i barely have time to see him. I am happy if i can meet with him once per week for a few hours. We are not in boyfriend-girlfriend status yet but we are not seeing other people. Of course i was the one who didn't want the title yet... It happens with everyone... lol... But he is super patient with me that i love seeing that.... It is not because i dont like him, but i feel i cant say to someone my boyfriend if i don't feel love for him. I like hanging out with him, and i really like his personality, but I don't feel love yet.... and i am afraid i will end this relationship again because of the lack of love..... I dont know anymore if love should come faster or it is better if it takes time... After Sasha i just wasn't able to experience it again. After him i couldn't say to anyone this magic word. Why was i that obsessed with him? Oh well, i will be super happy when i can say out loud this word to someone one day. I want to give some more time to ourselves.....lets see how it goes.... 

His nephew's baptism 

This is a simple catholic church close to my house... I use to go to mass with him sometimes... I like going to church with him...

About my school..... I am taking 4 classes, which are 14 credit hours all together. My accounting and math class very time consuming. I am super super busy with my school, that is why i barely have time. Seriously, i need to study a lot this semester. I am a bit worry about not having A's from everything this semester. Since i also work a lot, i dont have time for study... i so study but from 9 pm till midnight. Every morning i have to leave the house at 6:45 am. Without two coffees per day i wouldnt survive. But you know what i am happy that i can keep up with this speed as well. :) I think my time managing skill is awesome!!!! Working 10 hours per day plus being a full time students is a hard score. I dont complain about the many working hours. I like being busy. My only concern is my study and grades. Would be easy just work ten hours per day and go home and do not have responsibilities for school. I am a committee member of the Travel, Exposition and Meeting Management Club at Richland College, so I spend my Saturday mornings with meetings, since couple of events coming up and i took a big part of the planning, organizations. 

Bowling night...

I am kinda s..ck in bowling, however it wasn't that bad, i use to be the last on haha

Chevrolet Siblings.... Laith's and Mine... I love my "Mini"

Sunday afternoon playing basketball with my friends.... 

Enjoying Laith's car lol

A sweet card from one of my reader...

Kriszta, nagyon szepen koszonom a kepeslapot. Imadtam. You definitely made my day. Majd egy megy vissza hozzad a kozeljovoben, igerem. Puszi :*

About my ex host family: I still live with Warren, who is out of state a lot. I am by myself with the dogs for days. I love this situation. I feel way better. I do my working schedule, so i don't need to feel frustrated about they can call me anytime to go home and work...because how u know i never had an exact schedule which drove me crazy. Now i am managing my own time, and i can do extra babysitting at night and so on. Oh yeah, besides my weekends daytime job i am going at night to babysit as well, But this one is not every weekend just time to time. It varies. I am living here for free, but I am taking care of his dogs. Also, I am cleaning the whole house, but he pays for this. So, literally, I am working here part time as well. About Amanda.... i really liked her.... but her behaviour towards me changed a lot. I didnt see her after my return. We texted for  a week but not anymore. I wanted to see her and the kids but now i dont feel like seeing her at all. She got pissed of that why I am living here and why i dint try to find a new live in nanny job. She was saying such a things that it is not fair that i got to still live here. Also, she was sending me pictures about her tollway bill for the Altima i drove. The bill was from May till December. She asked me to pay it. When i got here I asked her how to share the tollway bill and she said dont worry about it and now when they moved out she comes to me with this. Also, i drove the kids more on tollway than for my own, but doesnt matter. I didnt want to be rude, but seriously i didnt have time do deal with all these.... I got upset that she is acting like a kid, but hopefully one day she will realize that she shouldnt be like that with me.  It is not like i have family members here or so on.... To be honest i think that she thinks that I have something with Warren which is ridiculous. We lived together for a year she should know me that much to be sure that i wouldnt be with him or any old men lol.  Btw he is dating, but i cant go and say that to her lol.... The other day Amanda send an e-mail to Warren that be sure that Dosel (one of the dog) doesnt think that Dalma is her mom. The email contained just this single sentence. It was too ridiculous. I dont want to be in-respectful but i feel like an adult should think more about her/his action. 

By the way, I dont want to sound like a person who is complaining about the too much work and school and so on.... But to be an international student is obviously a hard core job... especially when u dont get any funds from anyone... I mean like scholarship or family support or so on....

I am super grateful for everything i have here and for all the opportunity i get from life. Recently i became so sensitive about it again.... I am proud to be who I am now.... I dont want to sound cocky but seeing all these spoiled American girls i am so proud... even tho I am just a nanny...lol :) "If there is a will, there is a way". One of my favorite quote.... Being a nanny is great and fun job but of course my dream carrier is not this.... 

Okay guys, it is time to go....and get back to my accounting lol..... on a Saturday night ... what a fun :) 

Anyways, I am happy that i was able to give you a brief update..... 

Have an awesome Sunday....

Love you all... even tho i am not showing up here that often....

Hugs and Kisses



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  1. Szia Dalma,

    Aranyosnak tűnik a kislány, szerencsés vagy, hogy találtál ilyen jó családokat. Warentől kedves, hogy megengedte, hogy nála maradhass.
    Lenne pár kérdésem a főiskolához, ha nem gond. Most vagyok 11-es és suli után kiszeretnék menni Amerikába au pairkedni. Utána meg majd ott szeretnék továbbtanulni pont mint te:) A főiskolai jelentkezésnél az éretségi jegyeket nézték? Sok amerikai sorozatot nézek és a 90%-át megértem, amit te írsz annak is a nagyrészét értem. Így Amerikában is megérteném az embereket? Még rengeteg kérdésem lenne de nem szeretnék túl tolakodó lenni.
    Előre is köszönöm, Zsuzsi

  2. Kedves Dalma,
    mindig nagy örömmel es erdeklödessel olvasom amiröl irsz.Tovabbra is csak azt tudom mondani, hogy jo uton jarsz, nagyon örülök, hogy megengeded, reszese legyek az elmenyeidnek.Soook siket kivanok a tovabbiakban szivügyileg is,a szerelem nem jon gombnyomasra, lehet gyszerüen csak több idöre lesz szükseged mig mely erzelemmel leszel ujra valaki irant...ez a visszateres Saschahoz is csak ujra felkavart, de az ember igy szerez emlekeket, edes-fajdalmas tapasztalatokat.
    Legyel boldog es elvezd az eletet is ,puszillak sokszor Hedi

  3. Szia Dalma! Ha lesz egy kis időd és kedved, nagyon örülnék, ha olvashatnék rólad. ;-) Puszii!

  4. Dalmaaaa!! Nagyon kíváncsi vagyok, hogy mi történt azóta veled és hogy vagy! Várunk vissza! :***

  5. sajnálom, hogy abba hagytad a blogolást, ez volt a legjobb "au-pair" blog
    remélem minden rendben veled és jól alakultak a dolgok :)

  6. Nagyon varom h olvashassak feloled!!! :)

  7. Dragaim, nagyon szepen koszonom a sok emailt, uzenetet hogy szeretnetek olvasni tovabbra is... Igerem keszul a bejegyzes, holnap estig postolom! :) csodas hetveget addig! Xxx