2015. január 2., péntek

Little update

Hello everyone…
 I know I didn’t give you any update in the last few months. Honestly I was super busy with school, work, gym, and of course friends. (I always make time for them!). I wish I would update more often tho. There are lots of things happened recently, I still want to post about those events; however, I decided to give you quick update about what is going on right now. Guess where am I right now? On a flight…. And where am I going? To Budapest. If everything goes okay I will land in an hour. So excited to see my sister, nephew and brother in law. I didn’t tell to anyone that I am going home, because I wanted it to be a surprise. Actually I told to my brother in law, because he is coming to pick me up at the airport. My flight from Chicago was delayed with 2 hours. Haha. As always!!! I would surprise if once I fly somewhere everything would go smoothly. So, it really seemed that I will miss my other connection from London to Budapest, that’s why I told to my brother in law to tell to my sister that I am coming, because she may would get upset why and where he needs to leave on New Year’s ‘Eve. Oh, yeah today is 31st of December.

I have so many things to write about, and I don’t even know now where to start. First of all, my host family split up. It is final at this time. They had arguments throughout the year. One day they were happy, and the other day they weren’t. This is not life. They were screaming couple of times in front of me too. They always said sorry for doing this in front of me….. I felt uncomfortable tho. When they were fighting in December, I thought it last for a few days, and after that everybody is happy again. Well, not at this time. Warren made them to move out. So, Amanda and the kids left the house after Christmas on the 26th.  He actually told her to move out like 10 days prior, but she hoped they can fix their problem again. It didn’t happen. Warren seemed that this time it is final. I was driving Amanda’s car, so the first thing I needed to do is buying a car. I found a really nice Chevrolet Sonic, 2012. 

I was so happy for it. However, I wasn’t ready to buy a car literally from one day to the other. I never bought a car here, and I didn’t even know what documents I need, I didn’t know anything about insurances. At the same time, I didn’t even have time to look for it deeply, since I had to help Amanda packing her and the kid’s stuff. I spent my Christmas with boxing. 

 I felt sorry for Amanda and Ryder, but not for Alex. She is a mean girl, and her behavior is terrible. I hope she will change now, at least a little bit. She was spoiled way too much.

One day before Christmas quarter of my tooth broke. Yeap, it sounds funny, but it happened. How? I tried to open a pistachio with my teeth. I learned my lesson from it and I hope you too! Never, ever try to open anything with your teeth. It was that bad that I couldn’t wait till May or June, when I planned to go home for a vacation. Since I don’t have dental insurance it would cost so much to fix my teeth in U.S. Seriously it is cheaper if I get a flight ticket + pay for my teeth back home than go to dentist in Dallas. The other reason is making the decision to visit home is because I felt so overwhelmed in that situation with my host family. They put me in the middle of everything. They didn’t want to have normal conversation. Through me they were communicating. I felt emotionally down. I was stressed for couple of days till I found a car and so on. I didn’t want to leave to Europe without having a car, because when I get back I need to go to school, find a job and so on.

I even missed gym for a WHOLE week. This is a disaster for me. I never do that. Few last days I had to run lots of errands plus going to stores buying gifts to family, friends and so on.
Warren and I decided that I stay there even without kids, look for the dogs, clean and keep organized the house. He can still give a little money, but that wouldn’t be enough for anything, but now I can have a part time job or more. I may need to go back cleaning houses if I don’t find nanny job. But you know what? I don’t care. I do everything what I can. Especially now when I had to put my saved money to a car.  I am sure a great year is waiting for me and I can save up again. I don’t want to worry about money, but I need to start working hard from Monday till Sunday when I go back. I hope it will not take long time to find a job. I was already talking with some families, and it would sound awesome. They even liked me. But, the problem is that they need someone from 5th of January when school starts. In Europe I can’t use those applications for looking childcare job. I need to wait till I get back to Dallas. Now I just want to make all my teeth nice again, and have a quality time with my family and friends. Who knows when can I see them again? I am so curios what is my mom and dad reaction going to be when they see me. J I was just talking to them on viber from Chicago Airport. Haha. It was noisy because of the speakers, and I told them I am on a bus station. They didn’t realize anything. They forgot I don’t even use bus in Dallas. Haha. Also, my other sister, who leaves in the next village in Transylvania, just got a baby 2 weeks ago. I can’t wait to hold her. They don’t know either that I am going home. Actually I told to 3 friends, one from Brussels, and the other from Budapest and the third one is from back home. I always wanted to do a surprise arrival, but I couldn’t keep it in secret because I was that excited about going home. In this case I could, because I booked my ticket just a week ago. Even one week was hard to not tell to my friends. It was so funny when they texted or called me and they said last year at this time I was home with them. I was just smiling that I will surprise you again in couple of days.

I feel I done so much things in this year, I know another great year is waiting for me with new hopes and bigger dreams. Honestly, I love my life and I wouldn’t change anything on it. 

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  1. It's so enlightening that you are greeting this new year with so much joy and enthusiasm, which is always a great note to start things with. It allows you to embrace all aspects of your days, enough to spot the opportunities that you would otherwise miss. Such as the ones that may just provide you guys with dental insurance, right? So I say just march on, as I'm sure it will be yours in time. All the best!

    Donnie White @ Good Health Quotes

    1. Thank you so much Donnie White :) I know it is going to be an awesome year! So excited about it.

      Have a nice Day.