2014. december 3., szerda


Guys, I need your help again with a contest please. :) It is about my sister now, I want to help her to win. Here is the link. Please click on the picture and like it. Kerlek like-oljatok az alabbi link alatt rejtozo kepet. A noveremnek szeretnek segiteni vele. Koszonom szepen. Thank you.

By the way, my school is over in 1,5 weeks, so I will have time for an update. Lot's of things happened in the last couple of months. I have few more exams this week and next week than I am done. Can't believe it. This semester went by so fast. I meet with great people again, i made new relationships through my classes. :) I love life! <3

I got a surprise yesterday from Andi, who is a reader of mine. I never met with her, I have no idea who is she, but she definitely made my day. Thank you so much. You can't imagine how happy I was for the postcard, even though I was just joking in the last post with that. However, I need your adress as well!!!

Andi nagyon nagyon szepen koszonom a kepeslapodat, szebbe tetted a napomat a meglepeteseddel. Annyira jol esett, meg annak ellenere is hogy a multkori postot csak viccnek szantam, Koszonom, a figyelmesseged. Azt sajnaltam, hogy a cimedet nem irtad ra. Kerlek tudast ezt velem "valamilyen uton-modon." Koszonom. <3

Oh yeah, and finally I got an I phone 6 for myself, so you can take out that from my wish list. :P I love my new phone. I am so happy, that finally I made the decision to buy a good phone. Guess it was time. Sometimes we need to give rewards for ourselves as well. 

Kihuzhatod a listarol az Iphone-t. :P Vegre elszantam magam a regi lecserelesere. 

Guys, really I can't wait to have some time for new posts. I feel I am so behind.... I need to go now, but back soon..... and till that time..... get ready for Christmas, radiate peace, love, harmony and laughter from your heart!!! And remember, Christmas is not about getting, it is all about giving. Don't measure this with money..... you can give love, hug, smile, a nice word or so on :) <3

I love December. Wish I could be closer to my family tho. 


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  1. Dalma, nagyon szépen köszönöm a 'thinking of you' lapot <3. Boldog új évet kívánok és váljanak való az álmaid, vágyaid! xoxo Andi